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DIY Honey Pot Slider Card and Party Invitation

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Create a sweet honey pot slider card! Perfect for birthday parties, baby showers! Create one to give with a special gift or use them as a fun invitation! 

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Winnie the Pooh has always been a favorite in our home and since January 18th is Winnie the Pooh Day, I thought it would be fun to share these cute honey pot slider cards! Lately I’ve really had the itch to try new things when it comes to paper-crafting handmade cards. After seeing some slider cards on Pinterest, I really wanted to try making one and this idea for a honey pot popped into my head. I had a bunch of classic Pooh Bear bees left over from crafting so I thought this would be a fun project to use them on! I love how cute these cards turned out! They would make adorable invitations and would also be a cute birthday card!

Below I have the tutorial for creating these – they were not as hard to make as I expected! The most difficult part was creating the pattern so the sliding action would work. It took me a couple tries to get it right. I have the free pattern available for you to download as both an SVG cut file and PDF pattern – so the hardest part is done!

I used my Cricut Explore to cut all the pieces for the honey pot and printed the white insert. You could do this without a cutting machine and instead of printing the word “Hunny”, write it with a thin brown marker. I purchased the bee stickers at Joann Fabrics but I also have an Amazon link to them under my “Supplies Needed” section.

Honey Pot Slider Card

Supplies Needed

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  • Free Pattern or cut file(located at the end of the post)
  • Cricut Explore or Scissors
  • Cardstock – yellow, blue, golden yellow, tan and brown
  • White card stock to print the insert on – I used 110lb white paper
  • Scor Tape
  • Glue stick
  • Classic Pooh Bee stickers

Card Size Guide

The finished card measures about 4.5″ x 5″ so it will fit best in an A6 envelopes – 4.75″ x 6.5″. You could also scrunch the three pieces that make the lid and the card will fit a 5″ x 5″ square envelope! You can resize the cut file just be sure to “Select All” and resize all of the pieces at once.

If mailing, you may want to remove the foam on the little bees so that they lay flat. With the foam you may be required to pay extra postage. I haven’t tried mailing these, but ran into a similar situation when mailing handmade invitations with dimensional bows. Something to keep in mind! :)

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Cut out all of the pieces needed.

Grab the free SVG cut file and cut your pieces out using your cutting machine OR use the free PDF pattern to cut the pieces out by hand. If you’re using your cutting machine, you can choose to cut the white insert with your cutting machine and handwrite your note on it, OR you can print the white insert and cut it out by hand. This is how I made mine since I wanted to write the details on the insert using my computer.

Make sure the inserts you will be printing on your printer are the right size to fit the rest of the card cut by the cutting machine. I have included two handing templates at the end of this post, one PDF which shows my suggested guide lines and one Word Document you can edit. The font I used for these invitations is called KB JellyBean by Khrys Bosland. 

Step Two: Decorate the top of the honey pot. 

There are two large honey pot pieces. One is the bottom of the card and will be left blank, the other one will be the top and can be decorated to look like a sweet honey pot. Adhere the blue band, tan label piece and the honey oozing down. 

Attach the letters for the word “HUNNY” to the tan label, making sure to reverse the first N :)

Next, attach the drip of honey to the left side of the card letting it hang over the left edge of the pot so the drips of honey fit around the word “HUNNY”.

Step Three: Glue the three parts of the lid together.

If you want to make your card a certain height, for example making the card under 5″ so it will fit a 5″ square card, you may want to wait on assembling the lid or use a ruler to make sure your lid pieces are scrunched down a bit to fit.

Step Four: Assemble the sliding part of the card.

I used Scor-tape to cover the back of the cutout honey pot piece. The honey pot is slightly different from side to side, so it’s a good idea to lay the pieces together to double check you are applying the tape to the back side of the piece. Attach it to the large honey pot piece that you did not already decorate.

Step Five: Print the white insert that will fit into the card.

Double check before printing that the width of your insert will fit into the honey pot. My insert measured 3″ wide at the top and 3 1/8″ tall. I’ve included two helpful templates at the bottom of this post. One is a PDF which will show you my suggested area to keep your message. The second is a Word Doc that shows the same but can be edited.

* You can also handwrite the party details or a birthday message after the card has been assembled!

Step Six: Add the top of the honey pot!

Repeat Step Four and cover the top of the cutout honey pot piece with adhesive. I again used Scor-Tape around the inner edges. Lay the insert into place. This step is super important! Don’t forget to lay your insert into place and THEN place the top of the honey pot over it lining up the edges.

When you pull on the insert, it should slide up but not come out. Apply a strip of Scor-Tape to the top of the insert.

Push the insert back inside the honey pot and then stick the lid on. You should be able to pull the lid up and see the insert. When you push the lid down, it will overlap the bottom of the pot slightly, totally concealing the insert. Be sure not to cover up your message if it is already printed on the insert!

Step Seven: Time to add the bees!!

These Classic Pooh bees are so cute! I used three on each card and love the dimension they added.

Step Eight: Add a ribbon loop to the top of the card if you’d like.

This step is optional but if you anticipate the recipient of the card having trouble knowing to pull up on the card, this may be super useful! I used small pieces of Scor-Tape and 1/4″ wide gold ribbon I had on hand.

The honey pot slider cards are finished!! They are so fun! I love interactive cards and enjoyed the challenge of figuring these out. Paper crafting like this reminds me so much of pattern drafting in sewing – it’s figuring out how all the pieces will come together, and I love that part!

I have some fun Pooh Bear activities for us to do this Thursday for Pooh’s birthday and we’ll read some of the stories and watch one of the movies. My kids love The Tigger Movie right now, but my favorite will always be The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh :)

Have a great week!!

Happy Crafting! -Kim

Free Download

I recommend saving PDFs to your desktop and printing at 100%, unless you mean to alter the size of the pattern.

All free patterns are for personal use only. Thank you!

**These files were updated February 8th, 2021. If you need the previous version, please just let me know. 

Download Honey-Pot-Slider-Card-Cut-File-1.svg
Honey-Pot-Slider-Card-Cut-File-1.svg - 15 KB
Download Honey-Pot-Slider-Card-Pattern.pdf
Honey-Pot-Slider-Card-Pattern.pdf - 2 MB
Download Honey-Pot-Insert-Template.pdf
Honey-Pot-Insert-Template.pdf - 937 KB
Download Honey-Pot-Editable-Insert-Template.docx
Honey-Pot-Editable-Insert-Template.docx - 125 KB


Shop the Supplies Used

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    1. Hi! I’m sorry I don’t have a video – is there anything I can help with? The insert is the trickiest part but it should work. Before attaching the lid to the honey pot you should be able to slide the insert up and down. It helps if the paper for the insert is the same thickness as the cardstock used on the honey pot. If cutting by hand it can be a little trickier since everything needs to line up. Feel free to email me and I can try to help! kimberly@craftingcheerfully.com.

    1. Hi! The package says 28 pieces and I believe there were 2 honey pots and 2 bee hives included so I would guess about 24 bees! I’m not exactly sure but that is my best guess since I made these cards a few years ago. :)

  1. I know this post is over a year old almost 2…I downloaded the free file but was unable to use it with my cricut. Any tips or pointers?

    1. Hi! There are three free files available, the SVG file will work with a Cricut cutting machine. Were you having trouble downloading the file, importing it into Design Space or cutting it? You should be able to save it to your desktop and then import it into a new project. The pieces are sorted by color mat. I’m happy to help troubleshoot. You can reply here or feel free to email me at kimberly@craftingcheerfully.com :) It’s one of my favorite paper crafts so I’d love to help you be able to make it! -Kimberly

    1. Hi! I used an A6 envelope – 4.75″ x 6.5″. If you are planning to mail them you may want to remove the foam that comes on the little bees so they lay flat. With the foam they may require additional postage. :)

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