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Unicorn Cross-Stitch Bookmarks with Free Pattern

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Create pretty unicorn-themed bookmarks with these free cross-stitch patterns! I used DMC Light Effects floss to give these bookmarks magical sparkle!

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Unicorn Cross Stitch Bookmarks.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I have these sweet unicorn cross-stitch bookmarks to share with you! I started making cross-stitch bookmarks last autumn and had planned to make a set for each season of the year. I’ve made autumn bookmarks and winter bookmarks. These unicorn bookmarks are my “spring-themed” set and I think they are so sweet! Thy use lots of pastel colors and the unicorn is so fun and sparkly! While I had spring in mind when creating this set, they’d really be perfect any time of the year! 

For these bookmarks, I used DMC Light Effects floss along with regular DMC floss. The ribbon part of the bookmark – the part that sticks out of the book – uses the Light Effects floss which makes a perfect sparkly unicorn mane!

All of the bookmarks use white Light Effects floss as a background color giving the bookmarks a pretty sparkle. I used regular floss for the colors when stitching since they showed up better and brighter against the white background.

Three cross stitch bookmarks and books on a multi-colored background.

The DMC Light Effects floss was a little trickier to stitch with on these bookmarks. I needed to make sure I was pulling both of my strands (I stitched these with two strands at a time) taut after each stitch. Make sure you don’t pull too hard, though, or you could rip the paper! The great thing about these bookmarks is they will look great in regular floss or using the Light Effects floss – it’s totally up to you!

Fairy Unicorns paperback book with a cross-stitch bookmark sticking out.

Unicorn Cross-Stitch Bookmarks

Supplies Needed

  • Free cross stitch pattern – Grab the free file by filling out the purple form at the end of this post.
  • Aida Cloth or Punched Bookmarks
    • I used two bookmark kits by Cross-Stitch Style
  • Tapestry Needle size 24-26
  • Embroidery scissors
  • White cardstock, Scissors or paper trimmer for covering the back of the bookmarks
  • Double-sided tape – I used 1/4″ Scor-Tape
  • Embroidery Floss – color chart provided with the pattern. I used DMC floss and DMC Light Effects Floss.

Cross-stitch pattern lays next embroidery floss, scissors, needles and paper punched bookmarks.

Light Effects embroidery floss organized in a row.

Cross-Stitching the Bookmarks

To get started, print off the free pattern (purple form at the end of this post!) and choose your embroidery floss colors. You can follow my color chart and use the same colors I used or switch it up and create these bookmarks with your own colors! The pack of bookmarks I used came with white, tan and black bookmarks. I chose to buy two packs so I could create all three of these on white bookmarks. I tried creating them on the tan and black bookmarks, but the white DMC Light Effects floss didn’t show up the way I was hoping.

Paper cross stitch pattern and colorful embroidery floss.

Cross-stitch each bookmark following the pattern. I used a tapestry needle, which was nice because they are a little rounded and blunt instead of sharp and pointy – so they won’t accidentally pierce the paper. I used two strands of floss while stitching.

White paper-punched bookmarks are cross-stitched.

Close up of cross-stitch bookmarks snow sparkly thread is used.

Finishing the Back of the Bookmarks

Once the bookmarks are stitched, it is time to cover the backs of them. This not only looks nice but will also help protect the stitching from wear and tear while using them.

To cover the back of the bookmarks, cut a piece of white cardstock measuring 1.75″ x 4.25″ and adhere it onto the back of each bookmark. I used Scor-Tape to attach the cardstock, which works well since it doesn’t cause any warping of the paper like glue can – and it is super strong!

Paper trimmer cutting small pieces of white cardstock.

Finish the bookmarks off by tying embroidery floss through the punched hole at the top.  I used the DMC Light Effects floss to give my unicorn bookmark a sparkly mane and then did the same thing on the other two. The DMC Light Effects floss really is pretty and makes these bookmarks a little more magical!

The bookmarks are all finished and ready to use with a great book or gift to someone special! I had a lot of fun making these and I hope you do too if you make them! :)

Unicorn Cross Stitch Bookmarks.

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Cross-stich bookmarks are a fun quick project you can make that are also amazing gifts! 

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Happy Crafting! -Kim

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