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Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

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These cute printable coloring pages feature swimming fish and crawling ladybugs! Perfect for rainy day fun :)

Two coloring pages featuring fish and ladybugs for kids.

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Hello Crafty Friends! Did you know August 2nd is National Coloring Book Day?! We’ve been spending some extra time coloring this past week. I created these free printable coloring pages to use with my little ones. They have had so much coloring them. 

Coloring pages are a great activity that requires little prep ahead of time. Simply print the coloring pages and grab your favorite coloring supplies and you’re all set. Printed coloring pages are nice because they lay flat. This makes it easy to turn them into gifts for family members or to save as a keepsake.

Coloring pages are colored with crayon.

Learning as they Color

Coloring is a wonderful activity for little ones. It not only helps them work on their fine motor skills but it can be a relaxing activity perfect for quiet time. It is self-paced and kids can choose what they want to color on the page.

If your child is interested, you can also use these coloring pages in fun and clever ways to encourage other opportunities for learning. Here are a few ways we’ve used them:

  1. Count the number of fish, ladybugs or bubbles on the page.
  2. Count the spots on the ladybugs.
  3. Name the sea creatures under water (starfish, fish, crab)
  4. Read the phrases or identify letters.

Coloring pages colored in with crayon.

Coloring Materials

We use lots of different coloring tools from markers to watercolor. When my kids were really little on of their favorite crayons were thicker animal head crayons. I liked them because they didn’t break as easily as regular Crayola crayons and my kids liked them because they were easier to hold and came with cute animals!

Here are a few of our favorite coloring materials!


Ladybug Coloring Pages – Cute as a Bug!

The first free coloring page features cheerful ladybugs crawling and swirly leaves. I colored my ladybugs red and black, but my kids loved making the cute bugs rainbow colors. 

Two ladybug coloring pages; one is colored in and one is blank.

Ladybug coloring pages that read "cute as a bug" lay on a red surface.

Fish Coloring Page – You are Fintastic!

The second free printable coloring page depicts an underwater scene full of friendly fishies, bubbles and seaweed. Since the words on this page read “You are fintastic”, we have used this coloring page as a gift or card for birthdays as well as Teacher Appreciation Day. My kids love being included in special occasions and this is a fun, inexpensive way for them to make a cute gift. 

We have also framed coloring pages before as you can see with my Outer Space Coloring Pages. Having your child paint the frame is a fun to extend the activity and let them have fun with finger paint! 

Two fish coloring pages lay on a turquoise surface.

A fish-themed coloring page colored in with crayon, it reads "You are fintastic!".

I hope you and your little ones enjoy these free printable coloring pages! Join in the fun and color your own or enjoy the quiet time:) You can download the free printables at the end of this post by filling out the purple form.

Do you or your little ones love coloring? Be sure to check out my other printable coloring pages – most come with a free file. Happy coloring!! 

Two coloring pages featuring fish and ladybugs for kids.

Get the Free Coloring Pages!

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