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Organizing Baby Product Manuals – Free Printables

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Good morning! Today I have some fun free printables to share with you for organizing baby product manuals – basically a baby manual binder. Not to be confused with a manual for your baby :) This is a binder to hold manuals for all of your baby products because, let’s be real, having a baby means owning a lot of baby products!

Before my second little one was born, I started to get all of our baby things ready and realized all of our manuals and instructions were all over the place. I decided it was a great time to get organized and I created a binder to hold all of our manuals in one place. Having everything together has really been a time-saver when I need to reference one of our manuals. While it is true you can now look up almost any manual online, it really is quicker to have the information on hand and easily assessable. This binder also helps keep our manuals from getting lost. Once we are ready to part with all of these baby products, I think it will be helpful for the manuals to be with the products.

If you have little ones at home and now own a ton of baby-related items, this binder may be perfect to help keep you organized! This would also make a great gift for an expecting friend. Think how great it would be to have this type of binder from the start! As you are buying baby things, or getting them as gifts, you can pop the manuals right in and be organized right away.

For this binder I divided my manuals into six different categories; Sleeping, Feeding, Travel, Playtime, Safety, Furniture, and Other. You can download all of these free printables by clicking the link under Supplies Needed.


Baby Manuals Binder Printables 3

Supplies Needed for Baby Manual Binder:

  • Free Printables – link at the end of this post.
  • Binder
  • Page protectors
  • Decorative paper 12×12
  • Scissors, tape

STEP 1: Print the cover, spine, and section headers.

STEP 2: Add the cover and spine to your binder. I decided to use a piece of 12×12 paper to place under the printed cover page. I trimmed the paper down to fit the top of my binder and then taped the cover page to it.

Baby Manuals Binder Printables 8

STEP 3: Place all of your manuals into page protectors. I used one page protector per product and included the manual, product registration card, and anything else that came with the product in it.

Baby Manual Binder Printables 1

STEP 4: Prepare your section headers. To make it easier to find each section, I added a tab at the top of each section header. I could have used store-bought binder tabs but decided to just use the scraps of paper left over from the 12×12 decorative paper I used on the cover.  To make the tabs, I cut little strips of paper, folded them, and taped them to the back of the section headers. Then I slid the pages into a page protector.

Baby Manuals Binder Printables 9

Baby Manuals Binder Printables 10

Baby Manuals Binder Free Printables 5

Baby Manuals Binder Printables 4

STEP 5: Assemble your binder. Separate all of your manuals into the different sections and then put everything into the binder!

Baby Manuals Binder Printables 6

Baby Manuals Binder Printables 7

At the very back of the binder, I have a couple page protectors where I have random tags and small instructions from other baby-related items. They aren’t quite manuals, and I’ll probably end up tossing them, but for now I am saving them and it works perfect to just throw them back here!

Baby Manual Binder Printables 12

Yay! Is it just me or does it feel great to be organized?! This had been on my to-do list for so long, I was very happy to get it done. I could have just put everything in a binder and called it a day, but I really can’t stand an un-decorated binder. I don’t know why! I think it’s the protective sleeve on the outside, the binders are just asking for a fun cover! What do you think? Do you love organizing?

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