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Binder for Organizing Baby Product Manuals

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Learn how to create a binder for organizing baby product manuals, receipts and warranties. This binder makes a wonderful baby shower gift as well. Use my free printables, available in two color schemes, to help create a beautiful and practical organizational system.

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Binder with Baby Product Manuals, Receipts and Warranties.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I am excited to share some new free printables with you that are perfect for organizing baby product manuals. I recently made this binder organizer to hold all of our baby product manuals, receipts, warranties. It is great for keeping everything in once place.

Staying Organized

Having a baby means owning a lot of baby products! You often need to keep the information for each product in case you need to reference it later or in case of recalls. If you plan to resell any of your baby items, it is also really nice to have the manuals to include with the items. Finally, we received a few life time warranties with certain products like our crib mattress, and needed to save those too.

DIY binder with a cover that reads "Baby, Product Manuals, receipts and Warranties".

I created this binder for myself before my second child was due. Before that, everything was all over the place. This binder has been a time-saver when I need to reference one of our manuals. While it is true you can now look up almost any manual online, it is nice to have the specific one that came with your product as many change slightly with each new model. 

A Great Baby Shower Gift

This binder has really been wonderful in helping me feel organized, which is such a great feeling when you have little ones at home. I wish I would have had this from the start with my first baby, which is why I think this a great gift for an expecting friend! As they are buying things and setting them up, they can pop the manuals and any other paperwork they would like to save right in the binder.

Two organization binders with baby product manuals inside. 

The Binder Printables

For this binder I divided my manuals into seven different categories. The printables are available in two color schemes, Soft Pastels and Colorful Brights. Grab them for free by filling out the purple form at the end of this post.

  1. Sleeping
  2. Feeding
  3. Travel
  4. Playtime
  5. Safety
  6. Furniture
  7. Other

Printables for organizing the baby manuals binder lay on a table.

Supplies Needed for Baby Manual Binder:

Supplies including white binder, page protectors, scrapbook paper and printables.

Assembling the Binder

Step One: Download and print the section dividers, cover and spine.

Printables for organizing the baby manuals binder lay on a table.

Step Two: Decorate the cover of your binder and add the spine label. Trim a piece of 12″x12″ scrapbook paper to fit the cover of the binder. Decorate it with the printable cover page and insert it under the plastic. 

Cover of a white binder decorated with a pale green piece of paper and the printable cover page.

Add the spine label to the side of the binder.

Spine of the binder has a label that reads Baby Product Manuals, Receipts and Warrenties.

Step Four: Prepare each section divider. To make it easier to find each section, I added a tab at the top of each section divider. You can use store-bought divider pages but I find they sometimes aren’t wide enough to show when using page protectors.

To make the tabs, cut little strips of paper, 3/4″ wide and 2″ long. Fold them in half so they are 1″ and tape them to the back of each printed section divider. Then slide the pages into page protectors.

Small pieces of green paper sit next to a printable section divider.

A small green paper tab is taped to the back of the paper.

Repeat for each divider, each time moving the paper tab slightly to the right. 

Stack of binder dividers with small paper tabs along the top edges.

Step Four: Place all of your manuals into page protectors. If making this for yourself, place the product manuals, receipts, warranties – anything you’d like to save related to baby products, in page protectors and sort them by type.

A stack of baby manuals.

Small green paper tabs divide each section of the binder.

At the very back of the binder, I have a couple page protectors where I have random tags and small instructions from other baby-related items. They aren’t quite manuals, and I’ll probably end up tossing them, but for now I am saving them and it works perfect to just throw them back here!

Binder with Baby Product Manuals, Receipts and Warranties.

Yay! The binder is done and ready to be used or gifted to expecting parents! I felt so great after finishing this project and am so happy to have one thing organized and checked off my list.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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