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Cute Animal Pun Printable Valentines

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Create colorful and cute animal pun printable valentines! They include twelve different animal designs in two sizes.

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Colorful animal valentines with silly puns on them.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I’m excited to share a new set of classroom valentines with you – my new Animal Pun Valentines. These valentines are cute, colorful and so much fun! I designed them using the hand drawn animals from my Animal BINGO game. I had a lot of fun drawing these animals and I love finding new uses for them!

My Animal Pun Valentines come in two different sizes – large and small. The small size was designed to fit on top of mini conversation heart boxes. They are the perfect for classroom valentines that include a sweet treat! The small size is also great for using with pencils – for a fun non-candy gift. 

printable animal valentines can be used on conversation heart boxes, with pencils or on their own.

There are 12 animal designs total that include all sorts of animals from a chameleon and llama to a sea turtle and giraffe! They all include a very corny pun that goes along with the animal. I love some good Valentine’s Day puns, especially when they are animal-themed!

Printable animal valentines attached to the top of conversation heart boxes.

Supplies Needed

Animal Pun Valentines

To use the large size valentines, simply print them on white cardstock and cut them out! Six valentines fit each 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper. Once cut out, they are ready to be used and gifted to special friends. Don’t forget to sign your name!

*Note: This larger size comes with pages of the same animal, so if your child is only interested in giving their favorite animals of the bunch they can!

Large animal pun valentines are cut to size with a paper trimmer.

Conversation Heart Valentines

To add the valentines to boxes of mini conversation hearts, first print out the small size valentines. All 12 designs fit on one sheet of paper. These come with two options; one set includes both TO and FROM, the other includes just a FROM. When my kids were very small, the teachers asked them to just sign their names, this way they could go around and just drop their valentine into each box without matching the names.

Sheet of printable animal valentines lay next to a scissors and boxes of conversation hearts.

Cut out the valentines using a paper trimmer or scissors and tape or glue to the top of the mini conversation heart boxes.

Small-sized animal valentines spread out showing different animals with silly puns.

There boxes of conversation hearts; two with animal valentines attached to the top of them.

Animal Pun Valentines with Pencils!

Another option is to use the small valentines with pencils. I love this non-candy idea that is simple to make. Just grab a pack of pencils – they can be themed or plain – and tape them to the back of the valentine using clear tape or a fun washi tape!

Pencils tape to the back of the valentines with washi tape.

Animal valentines taped to colorful pencils.

So there you have it! Three fun ways to use these cute animal pun valentines!

Colorful animal valentines with silly puns on them.

You’ll find the printables in my Etsy shop along with another set of classroom valentines, my Secret Code Valentines! If you like the style of my hand-drawn animals, you’ll find them on my popular Animal BINGO cards also in my shop :) 

Purchase this file from my shop! Thank you for supporting my small business :)

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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