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Father’s Day Baseball Thumbprint Cards

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Kids can create a cute baseball-themed Father’s Day card with just a few supplies. Use a homemade stamp to create the baseballs or kids can use their fingers for a cute fingerprint Father’s Day craft!

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Father's Day baseball cards made by kids lay next to a baseball mitt and baseball.

Hello Crafty Friends! Father’s Day is coming up and I have a cute craft you can do with the kids! These Father’s Day baseball cards are simple to make and perfect for toddlers and preschool-aged children. We made this same card for my husband when my son was almost two and he had a lot of fun creating the baseballs using a homemade stamps. Our stamp was made from just a clothespin and pom-pom – super easy and the perfect size for his small hands to grip.

While we made the baseballs on this card using a stamp, you can also make them using fingerprints. Have your child dip their finger in a little bit of washable white paint and go to town adding little baseballs all over the paper. 

These cards are great for dads who love baseball! Below is the tutorial along with a list of the supplies we used.  

Baseball-Themed Father’s Day Card

Supplies Needed

Craft supplies including a white envelope, white cardstock, blue construction paper, blue and red markers, white paint, clothespin and pom pom.

How to Make the Card

Start by cutting the white cardstock to measure 7″ x 10″ and then fold it in half to create a 5″ x 7″ card. Cut a piece from the blue construction paper that measures 5″ x 5″. 

A white card and a piece of blue paper.

Next, set up a painting station for your little one. We have a poster board that acts as our painting surface and I placed a little bit of white paint onto a paper plate. The child can add baseballs to the blue construction paper using their fingers to create a cute fingerprint Father’s Day card. They could also use a stamp made my placing the pom pom in the clothespin. 

A pom pom attached to a clothespin is used to stamp blue construction paper with white paint.

Two pieces of blue constructions paper with white blobs on them made with fingerprints and pom pom stamps.

Let the baseballs dry, then add the red stitching using a red marker. I did this part and just added two little curves of red dots. 

Red marker is added to white circles of paint to create baseballs.

Attach the piece of blue construction paper to the front of the card. 

Blue construction paper with baseballs on them glued to white cardstock.

There will be room at the top and bottom of the card to write a message like “Happy Father’s Day” or “I love you Dad”. If the child can sign their name, they can add it on the bottom of the card or inside the card. The card is finished!

Father's Day baseball cards made by kids lay next to a baseball mitt and baseball.

I hope you enjoyed this sweet Father’s Day card ideas! You can check out my other crafts for Father’s Day as well as my other sports-themed crafts below!

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Happy Crafting! -Kim

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