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DIY Felt Play Food

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Create your own felt play food for your little one! From vegetables to fruit and bread, felt play food is a fun DIY!

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Handmade felt play food including vegetables, fruit, and bread.

Hello! With Christmas right around the corner, I am finishing up some handmade gifts for my little one including this handmade felt play food! I love felt food, its so soft and vibrant. I’ve seen lots of beautiful sets of felt food that were available to purchase but decided to try making my own!

This year I made my little one a homemade food market. It has been a fun upcycle project turning an old coffee table into a cute market. No food market is complete without food! So I started making felt food to fill it with. 

Handmade felt play food including vegetables, fruit, and bread.

Making the felt food has been so much fun! Felt is such a forgiving fabric to sew with. You don’t need to worry about the fabric edges fraying and the fabric holds together well while sewing. Making felt food can be as simple or detailed as you want, making it a great sewing project for both beginners and experienced sewers. I wanted my felt food to be simple, colorful and I wanted a good variety of foods.

The majority of my felt food was made using a Simplicity Sewing Pattern I purchased from Joann Fabrics. I bought the pattern because I really liked the eggs with an egg carton and the green grocery bag.  I was happy I purchased it since I think it sped up the process, but with all the free online tutorials it isn’t necessary to buy a pattern. I found a bunch of wonderful patterns online for making different foods from felt. 

This article by Apartment Therapy, How to Make Felt Food, has an amazing list of free patterns and tutorials listed by food type! You will be able to find pretty much any food you’re hoping to make on their list! 

Below are some pictures of the food I made for our play market and links to the tutorials/patterns I used to make it all. Some of them I winged so I don’t have links. 

A basket of handmade felt play food apples with a sign that reads Apples $1.

Handmade felt bread lays on a cutting board.

Handmade felt play fruit in a white basket on a cutting board.

Handmade felt play fruit in a white basket on a cutting board.

Handmade felt play food including vegetables, fruit, and bread.

Here is my own list of the felt food I made and the sources for each!

  • Grapes:  While Wearing Heels
  • Pears: My Creative Place
  • Beets: Cut Out + Keep
  • Corn on the Cob: While Wearing Heels (I haven’t made this yet but plan to!)
  • Potatoes and sack: It Happens in a Blink (I made my bag a little different)
  • Onion: While Wearing Heels
  • Strawberries: Simplicity Pattern
  • Orange: Simplicity Pattern
  • Apples: Simplicity Pattern
  • Banana: Simplicity Pattern
  • Tomato: Simplicity Pattern
  • Squash: Simplicity Pattern
  • Pumpkin: Simplicity Pattern
  • Carrots: Simplicity Pattern
  • Eggplant: Simplicity Pattern
  • Eggs and egg carton: Simplicity Pattern
  • Pineapple: I made up myself
  • Watermelon: I made up myself
  • Breads: I made up myself

Felt Grapes!Felt eggs

I’d like to eventually make desserts and pastries too! It would also be a lot of fun to make felt flowers for pretend flower shop play. The kids could arrange them in different size cups and baskets!  The possibilities with felt are endless. Once you start making things from felt its hard to stop!

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