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DIY Holiday Table Runner

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Create a beautiful Holiday table runner to decorate your table for the holiday season! A simple sewing project that will add festive cheer. 

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Holiday table runner in green and red fabric.

Hello! With Christmas right around the corner, I have thrown together a few last minute projects to help get our home ready for the holiday. First on my to-do list was a new Christmas table runner. I found this beautiful holiday fabric at a local quilt store and have been so excited to use it. The fabric is Winter Magic by Hoffman California Fabrics and it has the most beautiful metallic accents on it. A few weeks ago I used it to make aprons for my family but had a little leftover – just the right amount for a holiday table runner!

Last month I made Thanksgiving placemats and loved how they looked on our Thanksgiving table. Since then I’ve been thinking of what I could add to our Christmas tablescape. With Christmas in two weeks, a table runner is a quicker project to tackle. I love how it turned out!

Christmas table setting with handmade Christmas table runner.

This table runner is a simple DIY sewing project that doesn’t require a lot of supplies. You’ll need a main fabric and a coordinating fabric for the border. You can choose to back it with a third fabric, or one of the fabrics you always used. The fabrics I chose are all from the “Winter Magic” collection and have metallic elements to them that look so festive and special!

There isn’t a pattern for this since all of the pieces are just rectangles. I list a cutting guide so you know what size to cut the pieces to make a table runner that measures 72″ long. You will want to measure your table to see if you should make the runner shorter or longer and then adjust the measurements if you need to.

Holiday table runner made from red and green holiday fabric lays across a wooden table.

Cutting Guide

  • Center fabric: 1 piece cut 12″ x 71″
  • Border fabric: 2 pieces cut 2″ x 73″ and 2 pieces cut 2″ x 14″
  • Backing fabric: 1 piece cut 14″ x 73″
  • Flannel: 1 piece cut 14″ x 73″

Supplies Needed:

All seam allowance is 1/2″ and is included in these dimensions.  The finished table runner measures 13″ x 72″

Holiday Table Runner Supplies Needed

Step One:  Cut all of the fabric pieces.

Use the dimensions listed above under Cutting Guide to make a runner that measures 13″ x 72″. If you need to make your runner longer or shorter, be sure to adjust your measurements before cutting.

Holiday Table Runner

Step Two:  Stitch the top of the table runner together.

Stitch the top of the table runner together using the center and border pieces. With right sides together, stitch border pieces to the center piece with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Start with the long border pieces and stop your stitching 1/2″ from the bottom of the center piece. Sew short edges on next. I chose not to mitre my corners to keep this a quick and simple sewing project.

Holiday Table Runner

Press your seams open.

Holiday Table Runner

Holiday Table Runner

Step Three:  Stitch the bottom of the table runner together.

Next, stitch the piece of flannel to the wrong side of the back piece. Keep your stitch line close to the edge, at about 1/4″, so this stitch line will be in your seam allowance. You can skip this step if you’d prefer to stitch the flannel in during Step Four.

Holiday Table Runner

Step Four: Stitch the front and back of the table runner together.

Stitch the front and back pieces together with right sides together. The piece of flannel will be on the outside during this step. Stitch with a 1/2″ seam allowance around all four sides leaving an opening on one of the short ends so you can flip the table runner inside out.


Holiday Table Runner

Step Five:  Flip right side out and close up the runner.

First, clip your corners then flip the table runner inside out.  Press the table runner then hand stitch the opening closed using a whip stitch.

Holiday Table Runner

The table runner is finished and ready for the holidays! I’m so glad I made this runner! It looks so beautiful with our Christmas china and is also pretty sitting on our table with a festive plant. 

Christmas table setting with handmade Christmas table runner.

Holiday table runner in green and red fabric.

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