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DIY Wellie Wishers Book Box

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Create a cute DIY Wellie Wishers book box inspired by the sweet pink fence in Aunt Miranda’s garden! 

DIY Wellie Wisher Book Box - Wellie Wisher Craft Project!

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Summer is here and we are doing lots of reading! My daughter loves the Wellie Wishers books so I thought it would be fun to make a DIY Wellie Wishers book box to hold her book collection. In the books, the girls spend their time in Aunt Miranda’s garden which is illustrated with a bright pink fence. The pink fence has little heart cut outs at the top of each fence post and is so sweet! I thought making a book box to look like the pink fence would be a cute nod to the garden the girls have their adventures in.

This box was a fun and quick craft project and one you could easily do with your reader! The box is the perfect size for the Wellie Wishers chapter books and Level 2 readers. It is slightly too small for the wider paperbacks, but I’ve linked to a longer picket fence box I found on Amazon that would hold them. If I did this again I would probably grab the longer box so all of our books would fit! :) 

DIY Wellie Wishers Book Box

Supplies Needed for Wellie Wishers Book Box:

  • Unfinished wooden picket fence box
  • Pink Paint – I used DecoArt acrylic paint in Tutti Fruitti
  • Hearts – You can make these with stickers, draw them on or use a cutting machine and pastel pink vinyl as I did
  • Printed Wellie Wishers sign (image found online)
  • Chipboard
  • Twine
  • Craft tools: paint brush, scissors, hold punch. 

Picket Fence Wooden Box

Step One: Paint the picket fence box pink! I used a bottle of DecoArt acrylic paint I had on hand in the color Tutti Fruitti. Do at least two coats of paint letting the box dry in between coats. 

DIY Wellie Wishers Book Box - Wellie Wisher Craft Project!

Step Two: Add hearts to the top of each fence post. You can do this lots of different ways including using stickers or drawing them on. I used my cutting machine to cut small hearts from pink vinyl. 

DIY Wellie Wishers Book Box - Wellie Wisher Craft Project!

Step Three: Create a cute little Wellie Wisher sign to hand on the fence. I searched the internet for a nice image of the Wellie Wishers pink board logo that is on all of the books. I printed it, cut it out and adhered it to a piece of chip board. After letting the glue dry, I cut around the sign and punched two holes in the top. I used twine to hang the sign through the holes. 

DIY Wellie Wishers Book Box - Wellie Wisher Craft Project!

The book box is now finished!!

DIY Wellie Wishers Book Box - Wellie Wisher Craft Project!

I snapped the pictures for this book box outside in our garden even though it is kept on our book shelf. It looks so at home outside with the flowers. Speaking of gardens – I have been posting some fun garden crafts like this recycled wind chime made from old marker caps! I have more garden and yard crafts coming in the next few weeks that I’m so excited about. Our yard is becoming very colorful with the flowers and all of the craft projects I keep adding :) 


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