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DIY Football Treat Boxes

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Create football treat boxes for your next game day or gift to someone special who loves football. Gift one to dad on Father’s Day filled with his favorite treats!

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Two football treat boxes filled with chocolates sit in front of a black chalkboard with football plays on it.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I have a quick and easy craft just in time for the start of football season! If you’re a football fan, or know someone who is, these cute little DIY football treat boxes make a great gift. Fill them with chocolate, popcorn, candy, or any other fun snack and you have a perfect game-time treat! 

These cute boxes are simple to make using oval paper mache boxes, paint and white label stickers. Use tissue paper inside the boxes to match your favorite team colors or you can even fill the boxes with candy in your team colors! 

Make a bunch of these boxes to use as party favors, end of the season treats, to kickoff the start of football season or for Father’s Day. They are fun any time of year!

Football treat boxes; the lid is painted to look like a football and the bottom of the box is green with yarn marks.

Football Treat Boxes

Supplies Needed

Supplies needed for football treat boxes including paint, paintbrushes, white stickers, ruler and oval paper mache boxes.

Paint the Box

Step One: Paint the paper mache oval box. Paint the lid brown and the bottom of the box green. I did two coats of each color. You can see below, in the second picture, the left box has two coats of green paint and the coverage is much better than just one coat of paint.

Oval paper mache boxes painted with acrylic paint; the lids are painted brown and the bottom of the boxes are painted green.

Two oval paper mache boxes painted green.

Decorate the Top of the Box

Step Two: Apply the white stickers to the top of the box. To make the top of the lid look like a football, I used Avery label stickers to create the lacing normally seen on the top of a football. Cut the label stickers into strips that are 1/4″ thick. I made my long strip of lacing measure 1/4″ x 3″. The small perpendicular laces were 1/4″ x 1″. Apply the stickers to the top of the lid. You could also paint these with white acrylic paint.

A sheet of white label stickers marked with small tick marks.

The top of the box painted brown with white stickers applied as football laces.

The top of the box painted brown with white stickers applied as football laces.

Decorate the Bottom of the Box

Step Three: Apply the white stickers to the bottom of the box. For the bottom of the box, decorate it with white stickers to create the field markings found on a football field. Cut thin strips of sticker, mine were less than 1/8″ thick. Keep some at full height height, 1″ and cut the rest in half so they are 1/2″ long. I used my paper trimmer to cut the sticker labels so the lines were as straight as possible. 

A strip of white sticker labels trimmed on one side.

A paper trimmer cuts the sticker labels into thin strips.

Create a Template for Applying the Field Stickers

To figure out the placement of the lines, I wrapped a sheet of paper around the box and marked the circumference. This became my template I used on each football box I made. Figured out where to place the long and short strips of the sticker and marked them on the template. The circumference of my oval box was just under 13 inches so I made every line 1/4″ apart and each tall line was 3/4″ apart. The pattern I followed was tall line, two small lines, tall line, two small lines and so on.

Using the paper as a template is helpful if you are making more than one box since you will only need to measure things out once. Plus, it is easier to space things out on a flat sheet of paper than around a curved box. Once I had the lines marked with pencil on the box, I used the template as a guide and to place the stickers. I started by doing all of the tall lines, then went back and filled in with the short lines.

You may notice some of the stickers want to peel up as you are laying them down. In the next step you will be using Mod-Podge to keep them in place!

A piece of white paper is wrapped around the football box.Marks are made on the template every 1/4" using a pencil and ruler.

The paper template is placed on the treat box as a guide.

The paper template is placed on the treat box as a guide.

Thin strips of white sticker paper are placed around the bottom of the treat box spaced out the same amount.

A football treat box with the lid decorated to look like a football and the base decorated to look like a football field.

Seal the Box with Mod Podge

Step Four: Give the box a coating of Mod Podge. This will keep all of your stickers in place and keep them from falling off or shifting. Before you apply the Mod Podge, press all the stickers down really well. I applied the Mod Podge in vertical brush strokes on the bottom of the box to keep my brush from moving the stickers. The Mod Podge works really well to keep things in place and it gives the box a nice sheen.

The lid and base of the treat box are covered in mod podge and drying.

Fill the Boxes with Treats

Step Five: Fill boxes with yummy treats! I filled mine with malted milk chocolate balls. I first put tissue paper in the boxes, I went with green and gold since we are Packers fans. You could use tissue paper in your team’s colors! 

Treat Ideas for filling the Football Boxes

Football treat boxes; the lid is painted to look like a football and the bottom of the box is green with yarn marks.

Once your football treat boxes are full, you’re all finished! Happy Football Season! Check out my other sports crafts or visit my Father’s Day craft page for fun project ideas for Dad!

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DIY Football Treat Boxes

Happy Crafting, Kim.

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