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DIY Autumn Treat Boxes with Free Cut Files

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Create these DIY Autumn Treat Boxes with the free SVG cut files! The cutouts in the box lids create a fun peekaboo to the goodies inside! Fill with small gifts or sweet treats. 
DIY Autumn Treat Boxes with Free SVG Cut File

Today I’m happy to share these DIY Autumn Treat Boxes with you! I absolutely love how they turned out and they are so simple to make using the free SVG cut file I’ve created. Seriously, you only need three materials to create these. The first and most important is the Kraft cardstock. My favorite paper to use when creating printable treat boxes has always been 110lb cardstock – it is just the right weight to hold its shape and still manage to go through my printer with ease. When I saw a pack of 110lb Kraft cardstock at Joann Fabrics, I grabbed it and knew I wanted to make some fun treat boxes with it.

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These boxes are small yet can still fit a lot of treats inside. I filled mine with all sorts of goodies that felt Autumn-ish to me – like caramel corn, trail mix, toffee -oated cookies and chocolate covered pretzels. They make perfect gifts and I plan to include them in my Thanksgiving tablescape. These boxes would also make beautiful wedding favors at an autumn wedding. They look elegant, even though they are made from Kraft cardstock! This is mostly due to the level of detail the cutting machine can handle. You could make these by hand, but it would be tricky to get the smooth lines and tiny cutouts.

DIY Autumn Treat Boxes with free SVG Cut File

The other two materials you need are clear craft plastic and Score-tape. My favorite craft plastic is by Grafix. You only need a small square for each box. You also need something to adhere everything together, and for this type of project, I love using Score-Tape. It has a super strong hold that is ideal for treat boxes so I don’t worry about them falling apart once I fill them with goodies! The rolls are each 27 yards long so they last a long time. You can tear it with your hands, since it is paper-backed, but I still like to cut it with a scissors so the edges are nice and straight. (This is not a sponsored post. I just really love the tape!)

DIY Autumn Treat Boxes with free SVG Cut File

Supplies Needed for DIY Autumn Treat Boxes:

  • Free SVG cut file – located at the end of this post in blue
  • Kraft Cardstock – 110lb
  • Grafix Craft Plastic
  • Paper trimmer
  • 1/4″ Score-Tape
  • Scoring board and stylus if your cutting machine does not score

DIY Autumn Treat Boxes with free SVG Cut File

Step One: Use the free SVG file to cut out the boxes. If using a Cricut Explore, remember to change the layer with the pink lines to “Score” instead of “Cut” in Cricut Design Space. If your cutting machine does not have a scoring option, you can just hide those layers and score the boxes my hand with a scoring board and stylus.

** Watch the video: Preparing BugabooCity SVG Cut Files in Cricut Design Space to see how to do this.**

DIY Autumn Treat Boxes with free SVG Cut File

Place the 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of Kraft cardstock on your cutting mat the landscape way, so the width is 11″.

Step Two: After the boxes have been cut, fold along the score lines. Cut out a small square piece of craft plastic, a little less than 3″x3″, and adhere it to the wrong side of the box. I used my 1/4″ Scor-Tape. You could always give these boxes a completely different look and use colored sheets of cardstock instead of the clear craft plastic.

DIY Autumn Treat Boxes with free SVG Cut FileDIY Autumn Treat Boxes with free SVG Cut File

Step Three: Turn both parts of the box so their right sides are facing up and apply Scor-Tape to the small tabs as shown below. The lid of the box was created to be slightly larger than the bottom so they should fit together easily.

DIY Autumn Treat Boxes with free SVG Cut FileDIY Autumn Treat Boxes with free SVG Cut FileDIY Autumn Treat Boxes with free SVG Cut File

The treat boxes are finished and ready for the goodies! If you are filling them with treats that are not wrapped, you can add a bit of parchment paper or tissue. This helps if the treats are nuts or chocolate which could leave grease marks on the cardstock. I didn’t have any problems with this but it depends on the treats! If filling with something like caramel corn, make sure to fill them right before gifting the boxes as the caramel corn can go stale quickly. After filling my boxes with all different treats, I found the trail mix, cookies and wrapped candies did the best :)

DIY Autumn Treat Boxes with free SVG Cut FileDIY Autumn Treat Boxes with free SVG Cut File

I hope you enjoyed these boxes! Check out some of my other Thanksgiving projects, too!

I am so excited to start sharing Christmas projects with all of you. Starting November 24th, I’ll be sharing a Christmas project every day for 12 days as part of my “12 Days of a Crafty Christmas” series. It has been a year or two since I’ve done this and I can’t wait to do it again! This year I’ll be offering some fun giveaways throughout the series. I hope you’ll come back and visit and join the fun!

Download Autumn Treat Box Acorn.svg
Autumn-Treat-Box-Acorn.svg - 18 KB
Download Autumn Treat Box Leaf.svg
Autumn-Treat-Box-Leaf.svg - 12 KB
Download Autumn Treat Box Pumpkin.svg
Autumn-Treat-Box-Pumpkin.svg - 7 KB
Download Autumn Treat Box Tree.svg
Autumn-Treat-Box-Tree.svg - 11 KB

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  1. Thank you so much for these darling boxes. I’m making them today to bring to my sisters tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I’m especially thankful for your generosity.

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