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Valentine’s Day Treat Boxes – SVG Cut Files

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Create sweet Valentine’s Day treat boxes with your Cricut cutting machine and paper! Fill with sweet treats or small gifts and give to someone special!

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Red paper valentine boxes with cutout designs in the top are filled with red and gold candy kisses.

Hello crafty friends! Today I’m excited to share these sweet Valentine’s Day treat boxes with you! These treat boxes were created using my Cricut Explore. I usually put clear craft plastic behind the cover designs to create a fun peek at what is inside. However, for these red boxes, I decided to back the covers with gold glitter paper. The red and gold looks so pretty together and these boxes were perfect to fill with red and gold Hershey’s Kisses.

I’ve created similar boxes featuring different designs for several holidays now, including Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and my very first set of boxes was for Thanksgiving. They are the perfect size for holding small treats and gifts and they come together quickly using a cutting machine. Now I’ve added these fun Valentine-themed boxes to the collection featuring hearts, roses and all things love! These boxes are available in my Etsy shop.

Red paper valentine boxes with cutout designs in the top are filled with red and gold candy kisses.

Below you can see one of the boxes I created using pink and silver paper. You can also use clear plastic rather than cardstock under the box lids to create a sneak peek of what is inside.

Pink Valentine's day boxes filled with silver and pink candy kisses.

There are so many fun possibilities with these boxes! Switching up the color of the paper or the backing behind the cover completely changes the vibe of the boxes.

DIY Valentine’s Day Treat Boxes

Supplies Needed

Choosing the Paper

These boxes can be made in any color scheme of your choosing. For my boxes, I decided to make them using red cardstock and a glitzy gold cardstock to back each lid. You can make them colorful using a different color paper for each box like I did for my 12 Days of Christmas boxes.

The paper should be between 65lb and 80lbs. The heavier the paper the more sturdy it will be for heavy items. Choose a paper that is solid core rather that white core. White core paper is exactly as it sounds – the core is white and the color is printed on both sides. I find when I cut intricate designs using white core paper I end up with white paper fuzzies in the corners of my design. Solid core paper is a solid color throughout the entire sheet including the core and I find it works better with intricate designs like on these boxes. 

The box lids can be backed with thinner paper, like the DCWV Glitzy cardstock like I used for these boxes, or with a clear craft plastic like I did for my Autumn Treat Boxes.

Step By Step Tutorial

Step One: Cut the boxes with your cutting machine. The SVG cut files from my shop come with instructions for setting up the files in Cricut Design Space. There are files with and without score lines. If your machine has a scoring tool you can attach the score lines to the boxes and let your machine do the scoring work for you. 

Step Two: Score the boxes. Use a scoring board and stylus if your machine does not score. The listing includes a scoring guide. Fold along the score lines.

Red paper box lid and base are folded along score lines.

Step Three: Line the back of the cover. Use thin double-sided tape or glue to apply the square to the back of the lid. This shape can be made from contrasting paper or clear plastic. Some of the cover designs for these boxes, like the word “love”, will lay nicer if you add a little glue under the loose parts of the design.

Double-sided tape is applied to the edges of a gold paper square.

Red paper box lid with a cutout rose and gold paper showing from undeneath.

Step Four: Form the lid and base using adhesive on the tabs. Use double-sided tape on the tabs of the box to form the lid and base shapes.

Double-sided tape is applied to the edges of the paper box.

Red paper rose box.

Step Five: Fill with sweet treats. The box is now finished! Fill it with sweet treats or small gifts. Most paper is not food-safe, so I recommend using wrapped candies or placing unwrapped gifts in parchments paper or baggies.

I made a bunch of these boxes and was amazed at how different they look just by switching up the card stock! I love how bold the red and gold boxes look but also love the sweetness of pink boxes!

Red paper valentine boxes with cutout designs in the top are filled with red and gold candy kisses.

Pink Valentine's day boxes filled with silver and pink candy kisses.

I hope you enjoyed this sweet craft! Visit my DIY Valentine’s Day Craft Page for more fun craft tutorials!

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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