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Organizing Your Children’s Calendar – Free Printable Labels

Children's Calendar | Free Printables

Keep your DIY Children’s Calendar organized with these fun ideas plus free printable labels for calendar cards!

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Children's Calendar holiday cards sorted in a file folder.

Hello Crafty Friends! This is my first post of the New Year and it’s all about organization! I love starting a new year and taking the first couple weeks to organize and take stock of what I have. I definitely find I work more efficiently and save money when my supplies are easily accessible and I know what I have!

This organizing/clean-out also included the supplies I use for our informal homeschool preschool. I thought I would share some of the new ways I am organizing our children’s calendar, along with some of the old ways that are continuing to work really well for us. If you think this system may work well for you, there is a free printable at the end of the post with the labels I created.

DIY Children's Calendar with colorful printables and two bunny dolls that can be dressed for the weather.

The DIY Children’s Calendar has been one of my favorite things I’ve created to use with my kids. We have used it in different ways for the past four years. I offer almost the entire calendar as free printables available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hawaiian, Korean and Portugues – you can find it on my main DIY Children’s Calendar post. All of the printables are located to download at the bottom. The days of the week, months, weather cards, and bunnies kids can dress each day for the weather are all FREE!

Calendar cards, including activity cards, holiday cards, fun national day cards, and school cards are all available in my Etsy Shop. These are a fun addition to the children’s calendar. We use these cards daily and I definitely needed a better system to keep them organized. I found these Mini File Folders often used for coupons, on Amazon and ordered them to hold all of our calendar cards. So far they have been working really well!

Organizing Your Children's Calendar - Free Printable Labels

The file folders were sold in a pack of two, which was perfect since we have so many cards. I divided one file folder by month. It holds all of the holiday cards, fun national day cards, as well as some of our school cards like “First Day of Spring” and “Last Day of School”. They are all divided by month for the year.

The file folders come with little tab labels for all 12 months, but I made some that matched the colors of the calendar. I also created labels for the front of the file folders. These are all available as a free download at the end of this post. If you find the labels are slipping around, just slip one of the labels that come with the file folders in back of them. This makes them thicker and less likely to slip around. I printed my labels on white cardstock so they are already a little thicker than printer paper.

File folder organizes all of the holiday cards by month.

The second file folder holds the rest of our calendar cards that are used throughout each month. The activity cards, Christmas cards, the rest of the school cards and some of the Spanish and Canadian holiday cards are all in this file folder. I needed to split up each set of cards into two file folder sections; otherwise, the file folder became too bulky and wouldn’t close. Organizing Your Children's Calendar - Free Printable Labels

As far as the rest of our calendar goes, I still use the fabric magnet holder I created when I first made the calendar. It has a section for each of the magnets and it rolls up when not in use. It holds the months, days of the week, year, number, and weather cards along with the bunny clothing. The tutorial for creating this can be found here: DIY Calendar Magnet Holder.Organizing Your Children's Calendar - Free Printable LabelsDIY Children's Calendar Fabric Magnet Storage

The fabric holder works great for us, but if you don’t sew or want a quicker solution I have found desk drawer organizers are also a great way to hold and organize the calendar magnets. This drawer organizer I found at The Container Store is perfect for holding all of the magnets, plus a few dry erase markers!

Organizing Your Children's Calendar - Free Printable Labels

Both the fabric organizer and desk drawer organizers keep things separated and organized while still remaining accessible for small hands!

Finally, our larger cards for our pocket chart calendar (the months and seasons) fit in this long pencil box. I keep our extra bunnies, as well as the monthly mini file folder, inside since these are things we usually just need at the beginning of each month. The calendar magnets and pink file folder are things we use daily so they are kept together near our calendar.

Different boxes and files organize the calendar cards.

I hope this post was helpful to see how we keep our DIY Children’s Calendar organized. Creating the calendar magnets and cards is a huge project, and as something that is used daily, it is a good idea to keep them organized. Not only will this protect all the hard work you did creating these magnets and cards, but it will also prolong their life!

These are just a few possible organization solutions, and if you think they’d work well for you, download the free printable file labels  located at the end of this post!

I’d love to hear or see other ways you’ve organized your calendar pieces! Comment below or tag me on Instagram with #craftingcheerfullycalendar and/or @craftingcheerfully!

Children's Calendar holiday cards sorted in a file folder.

Happy Crafting! -KimGet the Free Calendar Tab Labels!

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