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DIY Winnie the Pooh Birthday Banner

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Celebrate National Winnie the Pooh Day by creating this fun birthday banner! Grab the free printable banner pennants – they include all of the letters of the alphabet plus blank pages perfect for adorning with Pooh Bear stickers.

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Winnie the Pooh Birthday Banner

Hello Crafty Friends! This Wednesday is National Winnie the Pooh day, so I thought it would be a fun week to share this fun birthday banner you can make using some of cute Winnie the Pooh stickers and scrapbook embellishments!

A couple years ago we had a really cute Winnie the Pooh-themed birthday party for our little ones. I made lots of fun crafts for the party including this banner! Banners make wonderful decorations for parties as they are easy to make, quick to set up at the party and can be customized for any theme or occasion. I love making banners for parties and holidays and switch between paper and fabric banner depending on what I’m in the mood to craft with. 

Winnie the Pooh Birthday Banner Craft

This banner is made from printed templates and the cute Winnie the Pooh illustrations are added using stickers or scrapbook embellishments. These can be found at craft stores or online at places like Amazon.

I’m sharing my banner with pennants that spell out Happy Birthday along with the entire alphabet so you can create your own banners. The blank templates, decorated with stickers, can be placed at the beginning and end of the banner and in-between words.

Below is a quick tutorial and you’ll find the printables in my free Resource Library. We’ll be watching our current favorite Pooh movie, Pooh’s Heffalump Movie, this week and reading a bit more from our The Many Adventure’s of Winnie the Pooh book. We’re about to read the chapter in which Tigger comes to the Hundred Acre Wood and has breakfast with Pooh Bear :) Happy National Winnie the Pooh day!

Winnie the Pooh Birthday Banner

Supplies Needed

Supplies for making the banner including printable templates, hole punch, stickers, and paper cutter.

Assembling the Banner

Step One: Print the pennants.

Creating these banners is quick and easy! First print one of the free printable banners – either the classic Pooh banner (gray and yellow) or the red shirt Pooh banner (red and yellow banner). Cut out each pennant shape. I used a paper trimmer to speed things up. I’ve also included the entire uppercase and lowercase alphabet pennants plus number pennants so you can create your own banner.

There are three blank pennants included with the Happy Birthday banners, one for the beginning and end of the banner and one for in between the words Happy and Birthday. These can be used to separate words and start and end your banner.

Step Two: Decorate the blank pennants.

You can use Winnie the Pooh stickers, scrapbook embellishments, or cut out images from Scrapbook Paper. I used the sweetest scrapbook embellishments for my classic banner and fun stickers for my red shirt Pooh banner.

Banner templates with Scrapbook Embellishments.

Banner templates with Winnie the Pooh stickers.

Step Three: String the banner together.

Once your banner is decorated, punch holes in the top corners so they can be strung together. I measured out where to punch my holes on the first pennant and then used that as a template for the rest.

Banner pennants with holes punched in the top two corners lay next to a hole punch.

Tie the pennants together and your banner is complete! I used red and white bakers twine for my red and yellow banner and twine for my classic banner.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of my banner at our party. It is quite long, which worked well since it was hanging in a large entryway to our dining room. If you’d like to make it smaller, just print it a smaller scale, rather than at 100% :)

Winnie the Pooh Birthday Banner

Winnie the Pooh Happy Birthday Banner Craft Happy Crafting! -Kim

Get the Free Birthday Banner Pennents!

Fill out the purple form below with your first name and email address! The free file will be sent straight to your inbox! If you have already filled out the form below, don’t worry – you won’t be added to my list twice! This freebie is for personal use only. I hope you enjoy crafting something special. Please let me know if you have any questions :)

*Please note, banner pennants do not include any images of Winnie the Pooh. Check out the links below for cute stickers and scrapbook embellishments you can use to decorate your banner :)

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