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DIY Space Party Favors

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Create these quick and easy DIY space party favors! Cute paper bags decorated with paper aliens and fun googly eyes! They are the perfect party favors for outer space-themed parties!

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Alien party favor bags in bright colors sit on a starry backdrop.

Hello Crafty Friends! We recently celebrated my son’s birthday with a fun space-themed birthday part at our local planetarium. I created a few space-themed crafts for the party including these alien favor bags! They were really easy to make and were a big hit with the kids – especially when each bag features a different little alien on it! The kids at the party loved picking out an alien bag at the end of the party and I loved that they reinforced our space theme in a space that didn’t allow much decorating. :)

Googly eyes always seem to make things a bit more exciting so these bags have plenty of googly eyes on them! I purchased mini gift bags in bright colors then added paper aliens and of course, lots of colorful googly eyes! 

I found the alien images on Freepik.com where you download them for free. Below you can see how quickly these came together. They are perfect for a space-themed party but would also be cute for a monster-themed party too! Fill them with toys, candy or themed treats and the kids will love them!


Three small gift favor bags decorated with paper aliens and googly eyes.

Space Party Favors

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Print and cut out the alien images. I found my cute alien images at Freepik.com – one of my favorite sites for great graphics. The aliens I used are called Cartoon Aliens. Most images on Freepik are free for personal use, you are just limited to downloading only a certain amount of images a day. Resize your images so they are a good size for your bags. Once you have the aliens printed, cut them out. I left a small white border around mine just to make it quicker to cut them out.

A sheet of colorful aliens lay next to a scissors.

Step Two: Glue the aliens to the front of the treat bags with a glue stick. Then glue on the crazy googly eyes! I had a great package of googly eyes that included all different sizes and colors and even some with eyelashes so I just went to town adding googly eyes wherever I could! I used my Tombow glue to attach all of the googly eyes.

A sheet of colorful aliens and a container full of googly eyes.

Small red treat bag with a paper alien glued to the front sits next to a glue stick and a liquid glue.

Googly eyes with red eyelashes are added to the alien.

That’s it! The bags are finished and ready to be filled!

Colorful gift bags with cute paper aliens on them.Alien party favor bags in bright colors sit on a starry backdrop.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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