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DIY Gingerbread Holiday Magnets

Christmas | Free Pattern

Use puffy paint and tag board to create these cute Gingerbread Holiday Magnets! A fun way to display your holiday cards! Free template with tutorial.DIY Gingerbread Holiday Magnets

On the Eighth Day of a Crafty Christmas…

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Yay, Christmas Cards! I absolutely love receiving holiday cards in the mail! Not only is it fun to get snail mail – but I love hearing from family and friends around the holidays. I love photo cards, artsy cards, yearly newsletters, cheesy pictures – I pretty much love it all!

I have seen so many clever ways of displaying holiday cards and have often thought about making something, but my cards usually end up on the fridge. So I decided to create some fun holiday magnets to bring out at Christmas time to display all of our pretty cards!

DIY Gingerbread Holiday Magnets

These were so easy to make! I made them the exact same way I made our set of Harry Potter magnets, but instead of using black glue, I used white puffy paint. I printed the template directly onto Kraft paper so all I had to do was trace the images with the puffy paint – super simple!

They turned out so cute and they definitely make me smile when I look at our fridge! Below is the tutorial and the free printable template!

DIY Gingerbread Holiday Magnets

Supplies Needed for DIY Gingerbread Holiday Magnets:

**Links to the supplies I used can be found at the end of this post**

  • Free printable template (located in blue at the end of this post)
  • Kraft Paper
  • Chipboard
  • White puffy paint
  • Magnets
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Step One: Print the template onto Kraft paper.

DIY Gingerbread Holiday Magnets

Step Two: Trace the images with the white puffy paint. It took me a little bit to get a feel for the puffy paint and to know how much pressure to use when applying it. I practiced a little bit before starting on the real thing.

Some of the images are a little trickier than others, like the snowman. I didn’t mind a homemade look to these so I didn’t stress too much if the paint didn’t follow the lines exactly. I pretty much just tried to cover the black ink.

DIY Gingerbread Holiday MagnetsDIY Gingerbread Holiday Magnets

Once all the images were traced, I taped the piece of paper down to a board to keep it from curling up as it dried. I’m not sure if this is necessary, but I did it just in case!

DIY Gingerbread Holiday Magnets

Step Three: Cut each image out. I first cut out all my shapes with a huge border and then used a smaller paper scissors to cut around them more closely. I didn’t cut right along the puffy paint lines because I wanted these to look like frosted cookies. I left a thin border all around them.

DIY Gingerbread Holiday Magnets

Once all the shapes were cut out, I glued them to a piece of chipboard to make them thick and sturdy.

DIY Gingerbread Holiday Magnets

Then cut the shapes out again.

DIY Gingerbread Holiday Magnets

Step Four: Add a magnet to the back of each image.

DIY Gingerbread Holiday MagnetsDIY Gingerbread Holiday Magnets

DIY Gingerbread Holiday Magnets

The gingerbread magnets are finished and ready to be used! I think they turned out so cute! Perfect for the holiday season :)

DIY Gingerbread Holiday MagnetsDIY Gingerbread Holiday Magnets

I’ll be back tomorrow with the 9th Day of a Crafty Christmas!

Download Gingerbread Holiday Magnets Template BugabooCity.pdf
Gingerbread-Holiday-Magnets-Template-BugabooCity.pdf - 1 MB


Family photos used for Christmas cards were from Freepik -“Family posing collective photo” Designed by Freepik

“Cheerful little baby boy playing near the Christmas tree” Designed by Freepik

“Girl lying on the floor pensive with a pencil and a paper” Designed by Freepik

*My “12 Days of a Crafty Christmas” logo was created using Maggie Malloy’s beautiful Sewing Logo Templates*

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