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Gingerbread House Treat Boxes – Printable Christmas Boxes

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Create these sweet gingerbread house treat boxes to hold something sweet for someone special. This free printable box is available in two sizes and is a great holiday paper craft!

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Two gingerbread house treat boxes sit next to holiday sugar cookies and bottle brush trees.

This post and the free printables was updated in 2021.

Hello! Today I am so excited to share these sweet gingerbread house treat boxes! We love decorating gingerbread houses each year and a few years ago we started having friends and family over to decorate with us. The first year we did I thought it would be really cute to make these gingerbread house treat boxes for our friends to take home with us. They were perfect for holding leftover candy and treats. The perfect leftovers box! 

I had a lot of fun designing these boxes. I hand drew the design and digitally colored them. They come together easily with just a few supplies. I made them in two sizes – the smaller size is perfect for sweet treats. The bigger size is great for larger treats and cookies but also small gifts like ornaments.

Printable Christmas gingerbread house boxes sit next to Christmas trees.

The sides of the boxes have cut out windows so you can get a sneak-peak at the treats inside. If you are gifting a special gift you want to be a surprise, you can wrap it in holiday-themed tissue paper.

I have a bunch of gingerbread-themed crafts I’ve made over the years to make our decorating parties even more special and fun! Check them out below, along with the tutorial for assembling your own Christmas treat boxes!

Gingerbread-Themed Crafts

Two gingerbread house treat boxes sit next to each other.

Supplies Needed for Gingerbread House Treat Boxes:

Supplies needed for the gingerbread house treat boxes like a hole punch, paper trimmer, double-sided tape and scoring board.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1:  Print and cut out the box.  The gingerbread house treat boxes come in two sizes. Download and print them on white cardstock, I use 110lb index paper but use whatever works best with your printer. Cut the boxes out using a paper trimmer and/or scissors.

A printable gingerbread house treat boxes getting trimmed with a paper trimmer.

Two gingerbread house treat boxes lay next to a scissors.

Step 2:  Cut out and back the windows with clear craft plastic. The windows are so fun on these boxes because they give a sneak peak of what’s inside! Start by cutting out the windows carefully using a craft knife on a self-healing mat. If you want to skip this step, add a cute holiday sticker to the window.

A gingerbread house treat box lays on a black cutting mat with an Xacto knife.

Next, lay a sheet of clear craft plastic over the cut out window and trace a square that is about 1/4″ bigger than the actual window. Cut a piece of clear craft plastic and adhere to the inside of the box. I love using Grafix clear craft plastic but you can also use a the plastic from a clear sheet protector.

A printable treat box lays upside down next to a piece of craft plastic and a pen.

A printable gingerbread box lays on a table with clear craft plastic.

Step Four:  Score and fold the box.  Score along the fold lines using a scoring board and stylus. Then gently fold along the score lines.

A printable gingerbread treat box is on a scoring board next to a yellow scoring stylus.

A gingerbread house treat box is folded and laying on a white table.

Step Five: Use double-sided tape on the tabs to adhere the sides of the box together. The small box will only have need to be connected on one side, the larger box will need to be connected on two sides. 

Gingerbread house treat box has double-sided tape applied to it's tab.

Gingerbread house treat boxes lay next to a roll of double-sided tape.

Close the bottom of the box. If your box will be holding something heavy you can always tape the bottom of the box closed and add a square piece of chipboard to sit at the bottom of the box.

The bottom of the gingerbread treat box is closed.

Step 6:  Create the ribbon closure for your box.  Punch two small holes through the top of the roof pieces. Use a ribbon to tie the box closed.

A gingerbread treat box sits next to a hole punch.

Gingerbread house treat box sits next to red and white baker's twine.

Two gingerbread house treat boxes sit next to each other.

The box is finished!! Fill it with sweet treats and small gifts. I filled some of the small boxes with holiday Candy Kisses and they looked so cute in the windows. The paper you use is most likely not food-safe so if you plan to gift cookies you may want to put them in a clear plastic baggie first. The large box is a great size for an ornament or another small holiday gift so they are great for both food and non-food related gifts!

I love making treat boxes for the holidays! Be sure to check out my other holiday treat boxes :) 

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