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Christmas Sweater Treat Boxes

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Create cute and colorful Christmas sweater treat boxes! Perfect for holding gift cards and small treats. Free printables to help get you started! 

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Three paper treat boxes designed to look like Christmas sweater sit in a row on a pink surface.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I am sharing how to make your own Christmas Sweater Treat Boxes! These little boxes are so cute and are the perfect size for small treats and gift cards. They also make adorable party favors for your next holiday get-together. 

I had a lot of fun creating these boxes. I started with a blank grid in Photoshop and filled the squares with different colors to make holiday designs. There are three designs total, all a little different. They look great all-together as a trio or on their own.  It took me a while to figure out how to create the collar of the shirt and how it could be used to keep the treat box closed. I am really happy with how it all turned out.

Treat boxes are perfect for the holidays! Fill them with a little something special and they make great gifts for family members, co-workers, teachers ands kids. I love making them and offer a several free printable treat boxes. Check out some of my favorites!

Below is the tutorial to make your own Christmas Sweater Treat Boxes!

Two Christmas sweater treat boxes made from paper.

How to Make Holiday Sweater Treat Boxes

Supplies Needed:

Scoring board, embroidery floss, scissors, printable box lay on a white table.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Download, print and cut out each sweater treat box. Each box has two pieces, a front and a back. 

Two pieces of sweater treat box are cut out and lay next to a scissors.

Step Two: Score along the dotted lines, then gently fold along the scored lines. 

One piece of the treat box is scored on a scoring board with a stylus.

Pieces of the sweater treat box are folded along the score lines.

Step Three: Poke holes in the top of the box and collar. There are two holes on each piece marked with dots. I used a push pin to poke through each hole and then used my scoring tool to make the holes slightly bigger. You could also use a 1/8″ hole punch. 

Holes are poked in the top of the box using a push pin and stylus.

Step Four: Assemble the box. You will need to attach the front and back pieces together using the flaps found on the front piece. I used my tape roller to adhere those pieces as well as the bottom pieces. Fold the bottom together so the last flap to close, the one that will be on the outside, is coming from the front piece. This way, when you look at the treat box from the front, the bottom will lay nicely. 

The two box pieces are connected on one side using a tape runner.

The bottom of the box is taped closed.

Step Five: Fill the box with goodies!, This box is a great size for small treats and even gift cards. Close the box by folding the collar pieces and bringing them to the front. Line up the holes on the collar pieces with the holes on the front of the sweater. It was easiest for me to tie the boxes shut if I laid them on their backs. 

A piece of embroidery floss is inserted through the holes on the front of the box.

The box lays on it's back and the floss is threaded through the holes in the paper collar.

Three paper treat boxes designed to look like Christmas sweater sit in a row on a pink surface.

The treat boxes are complete and ready to be gifted! I’ll be back tomorrow with the last project in this year’s series “12 Days of DIY Holiday Crafting”. Yay! Looking for more DIY holiday crafts? Check out my Christmas Craft page for more ideas and inspirations :)

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