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Children’s Christmas Stocking Craft

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This Children’s Christmas Stocking Craft is a fun activity to do with little ones this holiday season! It’s low-prep and can be enjoyed by all ages. Stuff the finished stockings with treats or other handmade gifts and give them to loved ones! 
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Good morning! Today I have project number 10 in the 12 Days of a Handmade Holiday – a Children’s Christmas Stocking Craft! This was a fun craft to do with my little one and a fun gift to give family. We are filling the stockings with handmade foam ornaments we made and pictures from his Christmas coloring books.

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If you plan to make a bunch of these cute stockings, try to spread it out over a couple of days. This way your little one won’t get too bored or antsy and the project will stay fun! Below is the tutorial and the free printable stockings :)

Kid's Christmas Stocking Craft 8

Supplies Needed for Children’s Christmas Stocking Craft:

  • Free printable stocking pages – available at the end of this post
  • Crayons, stickers, markers
  • Yarn
  • Hole punch
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Kid's Christmas Stocking Craft 9

STEP 1: Print the stockings off. You will need a front and a back.

Kid's Christmas Stocking Craft

STEP 2: Cut the stockings out! If your child is old enough, they could help with this step, otherwise cut them out ahead of time. 

Kid's Christmas Stocking Craft

STEP 3: Hole punch each marked dot! If your child is old enough, they can help with this part. 

Kid's Christmas Stocking Craft

STEP 4: Decorate the stockings! The fun part! Let your child go to town! The back of the stockings are blank so you can add handprints or doodles from your child if you want!

STEP 5: Thread the stocking. I wrapped tape around one end of the yarn and let my little one thread it through. I then punched a few extra holes (not marked on the free printable) along the top of the back piece to tie a bow.

Kid's Christmas Stocking Craft Kid's Christmas Stocking Craft 6Kid's Christmas Stocking Craft 7

The stockings are all finished and ready to be filled! We filled them with some of the fun Christmas crafts my kids did this month.

Kid's Christmas Stocking Craft 8BugabooCity Kid's Stocking Craft

Download Free Printable Stockings.pdf
Free-Printable-Stockings.pdf - 433 KB

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