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Christmas Secret Decoder Wheel Printables

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Can you crack the code?? Use the secret decoder wheel to solve Christmas-themed riddles! A printable activity for kids that is easy to set up and fun for the season. Download the decoder wheel and two free riddles!

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Printable Christmas riddles and decoder wheel lay next to a snowflakes and lights.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I’m excited to share a new free Christmas printable! A secret decoder wheel with Christmas-themed riddles to solve. My kids love secret decoder wheels and a couple years ago I created a fun activity called “The Case of the Missing Gift” that used a secret decoder wheel. It was such a hit and so much fun I started making decoder wheels for other occasions like Halloween and Springtime

This new decoder wheel activity uses the same Christmas decoder wheel but instead of solving a long mystery, kids can use the wheel to solve holiday-themed riddles! This is perfect for kids of all ages and is even a great letter activity for little ones. 

Riddles written in Christmas code lay next to pine branches and wooden snowflakes.

Christmas Cipher Wheel Activity

Supplies Needed:

Printable sheets lay next to tiny brads, a pushpin and a scissors.

How to Assemble the Decoder Wheel

The decoder wheel is easy to create. Simply print the decoder wheel on white cardstock and carefully cut out both circles with a scissors. Layer the circles together, with the smaller one on top, and poke a hole in the center of both using a push pin. Attach the layers together with a brad in the center. The wheel should rotate easily.

Decoder wheel circles are cut out.

A pushpin is pushed through the center of the decoder wheels.

Printable Christmas Decoder Wheel.

Cut out the riddles using a paper trimmer.

Coded riddles are trimmed using a paper trimmer.

How to Use a Cipher Wheel

For each riddle the “KEY” will tell you how to set the wheel. For example if the riddle’s KEY is “T is for TREE”. Spin the wheel until the tree picture lines up with the letter “T” and then you are ready to solve!

Make sure to check the key for each riddle as each one is different. For younger kids, it may be helpful to cut apart the riddles to help them remember to change their wheel to a new key.

Riddles written in Christmas code lay next to pine branches and wooden snowflakes.

How to Create Your Own Coded Messages

My decoder wheels are a reader favorite and I have had lots of requests to make an editable version so you can write your own secret message for kids to solves. Since I use hand-drawn illustrations on my decoder wheel, it is tricky to write your own secret messages without access to the little images. I have finally figured out a way to make that happen using a PowerPoint file.

The editable PowerPoint is available with the printables in my Etsy shop. All of the symbols, along with several pre-made keys, are ready for you to create your own message. I have even started a Christmas message for you on one of the slides! Copy and paste the images to write your own message.

Whether you are writing a secret message for your kids, classroom or to use in a homemade escape room, the PowerPoint will help you get creative!

Decoder wheel in Microsoft Powerpoint.

Where to Download the Files

  1. My Christmas Decoder wheel printables are available to download from my Etsy shop and include 20 riddles plus an editable PowerPoint file (you need Microsoft PowerPoint to use the editable file) so you can write your own encrypted messages!
  2. You can also download two free riddles and the decoder wheel from my Free Resource Library. You will find the file under PrintablesGames and Activities or under Christmas.

Link to purchase this file from my shop! Thank you for supporting my small business.

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Happy Crafting! -Kim

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    1. Hi! If you are in the Resource Library, you’ll find the Christmas decoder wheel under the Christmas/Winter Section or under Printables, Games and Activities. Hit the black “Download” button under the file you’d like. If you are still having trouble, you can send me an email at kimberly@craftingcheerfully.com and I’d be happy to email you the file :)

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