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Spring and Easter Decoder Wheel Activity for Kids!

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Can you crack the code?? Solve these fun Spring and Easter riddles using the secret decoder wheel! This fun spring time activity for kids is perfect for the classroom or at home and great for kids who love spies, solving mysteries and escape rooms. 

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Spring and Easter riddles lay next to a cipher wheel with spring-themed images and letters.

Spring is here and the kids are at home. If you’re like me, easy printable activities have been a life-saver these last few weeks. My kids love decoder activities and I love making them, so I decided to add a new one to the collection, this time a spring decoder wheel!

If your kids love spies, escape rooms, solving mysteries and secret codes, then they’ll love decoder wheels! A decoder wheel, also called a cipher wheel, is a tool that can be used to encrypt messages. Most often they are seen with two wheels of letters. When you write the message you are transforming each letter of your message into another letter so the message becomes encrypted. To read it the recipient would need to use a cipher wheel set the same way. 

Sometimes cipher wheels include a wheel full of symbols instead of a second wheel of letters. My decoder wheels work like this, featuring one wheel of themed illustrations. Instead of writing an encrypted message, kids will decipher a joke using the wheel. It’s a fun activity for children of all ages – including little ones practicing their letters. 

Easter decoder wheel and riddles lay on a blue surface with spring-themed items.

My kids love solving riddles using decoder wheels. When they were younger I would help them solve them. I would set the wheel and we would go through the symbols in the coded message one by one. They would read the letter that matched the image and I would write it down. Now that they are older they no longer need my help and love creating their own riddles.

I created this Spring and Easter decoder wheel using my sweet illustrations that are also featured on my Spring Time BINGO cards! 

Spring Time BINGO boards on a green background.

These riddles are great for the classroom, a small group of kids or they can be worked on alone. They are fun way to practice letter recognition for little ones and a fun quiet activity to celebrate the holiday. Below is the tutorial for assembling the decoder wheel.

Spring and Easter Decoder Wheel Activity 

Supplies Needed

Printable riddle worksheet lays next to a paper trimmer, scissors, push pin and brads.

How to Assemble the Decoder Wheel

The decoder wheel is easy to create. Simply print the decoder wheel on white cardstock and carefully cut out both circles with a scissors. Layer the circles together, with the smaller one on top, and poke a hole in the center of both using a push pin. Attach the layers together with a brad in the center. The wheel should rotate easily.

Two wheels are cut out and lay next to a scissors.

A push pin is pushed through the center of both wheels.

A spring decoder wheel with letters on a top wheel and small spring-themed images on the bottom wheel; they are connected with a yellow brad.

The riddles come in two different sizes, large and small. The large riddles will have 2 riddles per page and the small riddles have 4 riddles per page. You can choose to leave the riddles on the worksheet or cut them apart. If younger kids will be attempting the riddles on their own, cutting the riddles out can be helpful. It reminds them to change their decoder wheel for each riddle. 

Riddles are cut out using a paper trimmer.

Riddles in two different sizes are cut out laying together.

How to Use a Cipher Wheel

For each riddle the “KEY” will tell you how to set the wheel. For example if the riddle’s KEY is “L is for LADYBUG”. Spin the wheel until the ladybug picture lines up with the letter “L” and then you are ready to solve!

Make sure to check the key for each riddle as each one is different. For younger kids, it may be helpful to cut apart the riddles to help them remember to change their wheel to a new key.

A riddles about ladybugs lays next to a flower, decoder wheel, red pen and foam ladybugs.

How to Create Your Own Coded Messages

I have had lots of requests to make an editable version of my decoder wheels and I am happy to say I figured out a fun way to do that. An editable PowerPoint is available with the printables in my Etsy shop.

All of the symbols, along with several pre-made keys, are ready for you to create your own message. I have even started an Easter message and Birthday message for you on one of the slides! Copy and paste the images to write your own message. Whether you are writing a secret message for your kids, classroom or to use in a homemade escape room, the PowerPoint will help you get creative!

The editable PowerPoint file.

More Fun Decoder Wheels

I love making decoder wheel activities! Be sure to check out my Secret Decoder Wheel Page for all of my decoder wheel activities! 

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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