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Holiday Pillow Wreath

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Create a beautiful holiday pillow wreath this season! This is a simple sewing project perfect for fat quarters, charm packs and even fabric scraps. Grab the free template and create one to decorate your home or gift to someone special.

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DIY holiday pillow wreath using Christmas fabrics in red, green and white lays on a wooden table.

Hello! Today I have a fun sewing project to share with you – a holiday pillow wreath! This wreath is perfect for decorating your home this season and it also make a wonderful gift.

My mom taught me how to make these wreaths years ago. While growing up, she always hung one in our house around the holidays that matched our tree skirt and stockings and I absolutely loved it. When I had a house of my own my mom made me this pillow wreath as a Christmas gift and now I hang it up every holiday season. 

Pillow wreath made in the 1980s and a pillow wreath made in 2007.

Now my mom and I now love making pillow wreaths for different holidays and seasons. I started working on making one for each month and am almost done! You can check out all of my Pillow Wreaths for more ideas. They are so easy to customize and make for any occasion. One Christmas I made pillow wreaths using fabric featuring our favorite football team. They made really great gifts for family members and friends! 

DIY holiday pillow wreath using Christmas fabrics in red, green and white lays on a white wooden table.

We usually make our pillow wreaths using about five different fabrics, but you can also make your wreath using a charm pack as I did for my August sunflower pillow wreath. Using a charm pack is great because all of the fabrics will coordinate together really beautifully. If you use five different fabrics, like we did for these Christmas pillow wreaths, you will need about a 1/4 yard of each fabric or a fat quarter for each. 

DIY holiday pillow wreath using Christmas fabrics in red, green and white lays on a wooden table.

I hope you enjoy making this wreath! You can add sticks of cinnamon to a few of the pillows so the wreath will smell really good. They can be replaced each year to keep the wreath smelling fresh! The tutorial for how to make your own holiday pillow wreath is below along with a link to a template you can use. 

> Check out my Ultimate Guide to Making Pillow Wreaths for lots of great information!

How to Make a Holiday Pillow Wreath

Supplies Needed

Holiday Wreath Supplies

Making the Pillows

Step One: Create a cardboard pattern to use for cutting out all of your pillows or download the free template from my Resource Library. The pattern should measure 4.5″ x 5.5″.

holiday wreath

Step Two: Cut out the fabric pillows.  For a 12″ diameter wreath, you will need between 30-35 pillows, depending on how full you want your wreath to look. For this wreath there are 35 pillows total, 7 pillows of each fabric. The template is for the entire pillow (it gets folded in half) and includes a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Holiday Wreath

Step Three: Sew each fabric pillow. Fold the fabric in half for each pillow – right sides together, 4.5″ side to 4.5″ side. Sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance around all three sides of the pillow leaving an opening to stuff the pillow along the long side.

Holiday WreathTrim the corners.

Holiday Wreath

Turn the mini pillow right side out and use a point turner to gently push out the corners.

Christmas wreath

Step Four: Stuff each pillow and hand sew the opening closed.  Be sure not to overstuff the pillows making them too hard. This will make it harder to tie them on to the wreath form. Hand sew the opening closed with coordinating thread using a small whip stitch.

Holiday Wreath

Holiday Wreath

Assemble the Wreath

Step Five.  Tie the pillows onto the wreath. Start by cutting strips of ribbon to attach the pillows. I cut my ribbon into 8″ pieces. Before cutting all of your ribbon, test the length by attaching the first pillow to the wreath form. You may want to cut them a little longer to make tying the knots easier. 

Next, start tying the pillows to the outer ring. Each pillow will be wrapped around two wires of the wreath. 

Holiday Wreath

For this pillow, I attached 13 pillows to the outer ring, 12 to the middle ring and 9 to the inside ring. The wreath my mom made for me had 32 pillows with 14 for the outer ring, 10 for the middle ring, and 8 for the inner ring. I tried to space out the colors so pillows of the same color aren’t clumped together or too close. If you need to move a pillow after it is attached, just slide it out of the ribbon and put a new one in.

Holiday Wreath

Step Six: Add cinnamon sticks! Stick two cinnamon sticks in with three pillows along the middle ring of pillows. It sounds like back when these wreaths were popular in the 70s and 80s, they stuffed the pillows with cloves or nice smelling potpourri. I prefer to stick cinnamon sticks in this way, becaue they can easily be replaced when they stop smelling. 

DIY holiday pillow wreath using Christmas fabrics in red, green and white lays on a wooden table.

Step Seven: Add a little ribbon loop to the back of the wreath so it can be hung up! And you are all done!

DIY holiday pillow wreath using Christmas fabrics in red, green and white lays on a wooden table.

The great thing about these wreaths is you can use whatever fabric combinations you want.  It doesn’t have to be holiday to make a great gift!  If you enjoy this pillow wreath be sure and check out the other pillow wreaths I’ve made following this same tutorial. Here are just a few of my favorites!

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Handmade pillow wreath in blue and white fabrics with a wood slice hanging in the center that says "Home Sweet Home"

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  1. I love your pillow wreath! I made one for my daughter and she loved it so much I made two more for my granddaughters teachers.

    1. Oh wow that is wonderful! I’m so happy to hear you love the pillow wreath! I think they make great gifts too! What a nice idea to make them for your granddaughter’s teachers!

    1. Thanks Mary! This is a great project for leftover fabric – I already have some leftover Halloween fabric that I think would make a great wreath!

      1. I cannot tell you how delighted I am to find your pillow wreath tutorial here on line. I first saw one of these wreaths last year at our church bazaar but it was in the raffle and guess what I did not win! This year I have managed to buy one and it looks so good I will m
        Now attempt to make another and perhaps one for my dear sister. Thank you for sharing the instructions for something that is so new to the UK. Happy Christmas yo you all.

        1. Thank you! I’m glad my tutorial can help! They are addicting once you start making them and I love giving them as gifts! Have fun and Happy Holidays!! :)

          1. I have had. Close look at the one I bought and it has smaller pillows but there are 75 of them so think I shall start with your design for my first attempt. Will let you know how I get on , that is when I find the time also. A Merry Christmas to you from the UK.

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