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DIY Pillow Wreath – Home Sweet Home

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Create a sweet handmade wreath for your home! Pillow wreaths are perfect for beginner sewers and great for using up favorite fabric scraps. Learn how to make one and grab the free template to get started.

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Hello! Today I’m excited to share a new pillow wreath I created for this fall. I love pillow wreaths! They are great for using up fabric scraps and can be customized for any holiday, season, sport’s team or event depending on the fabrics used.

For this pillow wreath, I knew I wanted to use a blue flannel buffalo check fabric I’ve had for awhile. I searched my stash and found coordinating fabrics in blues and whites. The two floral fabrics I found are leftover scraps from Easter dresses my mom made in the 90s! Yay for saving fabric!

For this wreath, I added a wooden coaster to the center with the sentiment “Home Sweet Home”. Perfect for all the time we are spending at home! 

This wreath is made using Poly-fil to stuff each of the tiny pillows before tying them to the wire wreath form. Pillow wreaths are great for beginner sewers since the pillows are made with just a few straight lines of sewing. Each of the pillows is hand sewn closed after they are stuffed. 

Making a pillow wreath was one of the first sewing projects my mom taught me to make and we continue to love making each other different pillow wreaths.

Below is the tutorial and a free template to create your own pillow wreath! 

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*Fairfield World provided me with the Poly-fil Fiber Fill as part of their 80th Birthday Celebration of Poly-Fil. They are posting 80 Days of Polyfil projects. Check out their IG to see lots of great projects from other crafters!

DIY Pillow Wreath

Supplies Needed

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Cut fabric using the free template. 

Each pillow is made from a piece of fabric that measures 4.5″ x 5.5″. This includes 1/4″ seam allowance.

For the 12″ diameter wreath, you will need about 29-35 pillows, depending on how full you want your wreath to look. For this wreath I used 31 pillows made from five different fabrics. I usually try to make 5 or 6 pillows from each fabric. For this wreath some of the fabrics I was using were scraps I had on hand that only made a few pillows each. To make up for that, I just made extra pillows of the fabrics I had more of. 



Step Two: Sew pillows!

Stitch the fabric pillows together. For each pillow, fold the fabric in half, right sides together, 4.5″ side to 4.5″ side.  Sew, with a 1/4″ seam allowance, each side/corner of the pillow, leaving an opening to stuff the pillow. I leave the opening on the long side of the pillow. 

Trim the corners.

Next, flip the pillows inside out and push out all of the corners.

Step Three: Stuff each pillow and hand sew the opening closed.  

First, stuff each little pillow with Poly-fil. Don’t overstuff the pillows, making them too hard, as this will make it harder to tie them with ribbon. Below you can see all of my little pillows. They are stuffed and ready to be stitched closed. 

Next, hand-stitch the openings of each pillow closed.

Step Four: Tie the pillows onto the wreath using the ribbon.

Cut ribbon into pieces that are 8″-10″ long. A longer ribbon will make it easier to tie and you can always trim the end. Cut one piece of ribbon and test it out to decide on the ideal length before cutting all of them!

Start on the outer ring and work your way in.  For this wreath, the outer ring has 13 pillows, the middle has 11 pillows, and the inner ring has 7 pillows. So I used 31 pillows total. You can decide how full you want your wreath to look and always do more or less. This Christmas wreath was made with 35 pillows; 14 for the outer ring, 12 for the middle ring, and 9 for the inner ring. This Thanksgiving wreath was made with 30 pillows; 13 for the outer ring, 10 on the middle ring and 7 on the inner ring. So you can see – you can really do it however you want! 

Arranging the pillows can take some time. I like to lay all of my pillows out and then take a picture before actually tying them on. It’s like a puzzle trying not to have too many pillows with the same color next to each other. 

Each pillow is tied over two wires of the wire wreath form.

Once the pillows are all tied on the outer ring, move on to the middle ring, and then the inner ring.

Finally, add a ribbon loop to the back of the wreath so it can be hung up. 

Step Five: Create the wooden coaster.

This final step is optional but I love the sweet message “Home Sweet Home” hanging in the center. I used my Cricut Explore to cut the words from navy vinyl and adhered them to the wooden coaster. Hang the coaster with the same ribbon you use to tie the pillows. You can cover the back of the coaster with felt so it doesn’t make noise when you open and close the door!

The pillow wreath is finished and ready to be hung up and enjoyed or gifted to someone special!

> Check out my Ultimate Guide to Making Pillow Wreaths!

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