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DIY Snowman Hoop Ornament

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Create the cutest snowman hoop ornament using buttons, ribbon and an embroidery hoop! A fun holiday craft for a snowy day :) 

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12 Days of Holiday Crafts by Crafting CheerfullyDIY Snowman Hoop Ornaments.

It’s Day 7 of a Crafty Christmas and today I’m sharing these adorable Snowman Hoop Ornaments! These ornaments are so fun to make, and once you have the supplies, these are perfect for making multiples. I made two ornaments but have enough ribbon, fleece and felt left to make a bunch more. Yay!

These sweet ornaments use a button set by Flair Originals that I found at my local Joanns. If you aren’t able to find the exact set I used, no worries! You can make the snowman nose out of orange felt and use any black buttons you can find for the eyes. There are also packages of carrot buttons available on Amazon, you would just need to find the black buttons. Below is the tutorial to make these fun snowmen hoop ornaments :)

Snowman ornament made from an embroidery hoop hangs in a Christmas tree.

How to Make a Snowman Ornament

Supplies Needed

Supplies including white fleece, black felt, embroidery hoop, paint, buttons and ribbon.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Paint the 3″ embroidery hoop white and add the ribbon scarf. Once the hoop is dry, wrap plaid ribbon around the bottom of the hoop to look like a scarf. Glue or tape the end of the ribbon to hold it in place.

Embroidery hoop is painted white and the bottom of the hoop is wrapped in ribbon.

To create two scarf tails coming down from the scarf, cut two lengths of ribbon and tape or glue the ends over the bottom of the hoop. Once the other part of the hoop is put into place and the hoop is tightened, the ribbons will be held in place. The tape or glue is just to hold them until we do that step!

Skip adding the scarf tails if you want to add a ribbon bow instead.
Ribbon is wrapped around the bottom of the hoop to create a scarf.

Step Two: Place white fleece in the hoop and tighten. Pull the fleece taut, making sure the top edges of the scarf tails are hidden.

Embroidery hoop with white fleece stretched inside of it and a ribbon scarf.

Step Three: Add the cute snowman face using buttons and embroidery floss. I used a snowman button set that came with two black button eyes and a carrot button nose. If you aren’t able to find this button set, you can create a carrot nose using orange felt and any black buttons for eyes.

Use the mini black buttons to attach a smile. Have fun and give your snowmen different personalities!

DIY Snowman Hoop Ornament

Step Four: Add a loop of ribbon or bakers twine to the top of the embroidery hoop.

A hanging loop is added with red and white Baker's Twine.

Step Five: Finish the back of the hoop ornament. Trim the white fleece to about 1″ around the hoop. Run a small gathering stitch around the edge of the fleece and then pull the thread to gather the fleece to the back of the hoop.

The fleece stretched in the hoop is gathered to the back of the embroidery hoop.

Cut a piece of white felt the size of the hoop and adhere it to the back of the hoop using tacky glue or hot glue. Carefully trim any felt that hangs over the edges.

The back of the embroidery hoop covered in white felt.

Step Six: Add cute hats to the front of the hoop covering up the hoop hardware. I used stiff black glitter felt to create my hats and decorated them with polka-dot ribbon and red buttons! The stiff felt is great for this because the hat won’t flop over!

Two hats cut from black glitter felt have a red polka dot ribbon across them.

The hat is added to the top of the snowman ornament.

Now is the time to add the ribbon bow if you want or fringe the edges of the scarf tails.

A cute bow and button are added to the hat for decoration.

The ornaments are finished! This really is a great craft for making multiples. After making these two ornaments, I have plenty of mini buttons, black glitter felt, fleece and glitter ribbon left over. I plan to grab a couple more hoops and snowman button sets with a good Joann coupon and make more of these cuties!

Snowman hoop ornaments with cute ribbon scarves.

DIY Snowman Hoop Ornament

Snowman ornament made from an embroidery hoop with a ribbon scarf.

Tomorrow will be day eight of my 12 Days of Holiday Crafting series and I have a new pattern I am so excited to share with you!

DIY Embroidery Hoop Snowman Ornaments.

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Happy Crafting! -Kim

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