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Recycled Play-Doh Lid Ornaments

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Use old Play-Doh lid’s to create cute and colorful ornaments! These recycled ornaments are a great craft to do with kids this holiday season!

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It’s the 6th Day of my Holiday Craft series and today I’m sharing a great craft to do with kids this holiday season. Create Recycled Play-doh Lid Ornaments! Next time a tub of Play-Doh dries out or becomes completely brown from all the color-mixing and you are ready to toss it, save the lid!! The lids are so fun and colorful and if you have ever used glitter Play-Doh the lids are sparkly!

Decorate them with beads, buttons, stickers, gems or turn them into photo ornaments! I tested out different decorations and different glues to see what would stick the best. Below is the tutorial plus my tips on what worked the best for decorating!

Recycled Play-Doh Lid Ornaments

Supplies Needed

  • Recycled Play-Doh Lids
  • Crafting supplies – like beads, buttons, stickers, foam stickers, googley eyes, pom-poms, gems.
    • Some of these craft supplies required hot glue to stick to the Play-Doh lids. Check out the tutorial to see what supplies were the easiest to use and which ones needed an adult to help with!
  • Printed pictures if you want to make photo ornaments
  • Sharp stylus – something to poke holes
  • String or yarn
  • Glue
  • Hot Glue – for attaching beads to the top edge of the lids

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step One: Prepare the ornaments to be decorated.

Before the lids are decorated, turn them into ornaments by poking a hole at the top. I used a sharp stylus and it went through the plastic lid easily. Add string or yarn for hanging now, or wait until after they are decorated.

Step Two: Gather materials!

I used a white tray and filled it with plastic Play-Doh lids and craft supplies. The lids are a flexible plastic, so some craft supplies stuck and stayed on better than others. Foam stickers were by far the easiest and beads, googley eyes and pom poms stayed in place when glued inside the lid. We loved the look of beads on the top edge of the lids, but needed hot glue to make those stay.

Step Three: Decorate!

Decorate the ornaments using all of the fun craft supplies. Leave the inside of the lid empty if you plan to add a photo. Foam letter stickers were really fun!

As I mentioned above, using beads on the top edges of the lids required hot glue for us. They stuck with regular Elmer’s glue, but didn’t stay once dried. Since my kids are too young to use hot glue on their own, we worked together. They chose the beads and I glued them on.

These fun reindeer ornaments were the perfect use for our brown and tan lids! Cut antlers out of brown cardstock and glue them to the back of the ornaments. Add googley eyes and a red pom pom nose or turn it into a photo ornament with a picture. 

**The supplies that worked the best for my kids to do on their own, were the foam stickers and making the reindeer ornaments. Using the buttons and beads worked best inside the lid with normal glue but did work along the top rim with hot glue. :)

Once the ornaments are decorated, add a hanging loop if you didn’t already. 

The ornaments are finished and ready to be hung on the tree! Next time you are ready to toss old Play-Doh, save the lids!

I hope you enjoyed this fun kid’s craft! I’ll be back tomorrow for another day of “12 Days of Holiday Crafts”. Check out these other fun ornaments crafts!

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