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DIY Sports Team Pillow Wreath

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Create a sports team pillow wreath for your favorite sports team! Create a football wreath, baseball wreath, basketball wreath and more! Perfect for professional sports teams as well as college teams. 

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Green Bay Packers Football pillow wreath made from green, yellow and white mini pillows.

Hello Crafty Friends and Happy New Year! As my husband says, the Christmas season may be over, but Football Playoff Season has just begun. The first weekend of playoffs is in the books, but with two more to go and the Super Bowl around the corner, this is a perfect time to make this fun, sports-themed, pillow wreath.

This past Christmas I shared the Holiday Pillow Wreath my mom taught me to make. She used to make them in the late 1970s and we always had one in our home growing up. I love pillow wreaths for so many reasons – they are simple and fun to make, they can be customized to any holiday or occasion by just switching up the fabric and probably most important to me – they remind me of my mom and my childhood. 

This past Christmas I made a sports team pillow wreath using green and gold fabrics I found at our local quilt store and gifted them to family members. I made them using round and heart-shaped wreath forms and they all turned out so cute.

Four football wreaths made from tiny pillows in sports colors.

Choosing the Fabric

Many fabric stores sell official team fabric with sports logos on them for both professional and college sports. Your local Joann Fabrics should carry local team fabrics and you can search online if you are making a wreath for an out of town team. Since these officially licensed fabrics tend to cost more, I like to just one or two of these more expensive fabrics and then use quilting cotton prints in coordinating colors. 

While I normally use five different fabrics for my wreath, I chose to use six different fabrics since I was making four wreaths at one time. I bought six fabrics with the following yardages; 1/4 yard for the striped fabric, polka dot fabric, and football fabric and a 1/2 yard of the team logo fabric, solid green fabric and solid gold fabric. This was enough fabric for three round wreaths with 30 pillows each and one heart-shaped wreath with 25 pillows.

If you are making just one wreath, a quarter yard of five different fabrics is plenty. You can use fat quarters as well as charm packs to make these wreaths as well! 

Football-themed fabric used for a sports team pillow wreath.

More Pillow Wreaths

I absolutely LOVE making pillow wreaths and have a bunch of tutorials on my blog!

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Supplies Needed

Supplies including fabric, a wire wreath form, ribbon and thread to make a sports-themed wreath.

How to Make a DIY Sports Wreath

1.  Create a cardboard pattern to use for cutting out all of your pillows or download the free template from my Resource Library. The pattern should measure 4.5″ x 5.5″.

A pillow template lays on a piece of yellow fabric; it is marked with 4.5" on one side and 5.5" on the other.

2.  Cut out the fabric pillows. The pattern is for the entire pillow (it gets folded in half) and includes a 1/4″ seam allowance. 

A green cutting board with six piles of cut fabric in green, gold and white fabric.

When cutting the pillows with the team logo on it, place the template so the logo will be centered on each pillow. Remember, each pillow is folded in half – the 4.5″ side meets the 4.5″ side. This means some of the fabric is wasted but the pillows look amazing when the logos are centered. This is why purchasing a bit extra of this fabric is helpful!

The pillow template is traced around one of the logos.

For the 12″ diameter wreath you will need between 30-35 pillows, depending on how full you want your wreath to look. Normally I would use five fabrics and 6 or 7 pillows of each fabric. For these wreaths, since I was making 4 wreaths at the same time, I just made as many pillows as I could with the fabric I bought and then divided them up among the four wreaths. I ended up using 30 pillows for the three round wreaths and 25 pillows for the heart-shaped wreath. 

3.  Sew the fabric pillows together.  For each pillow, fold the fabric in half, right sides together, 4.5″ side to 4.5″ side. Stitch around the three open sides of the pillows with a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving an opening in the middle of the longer side so you can stuff the pillow.

A green pillow is stitched on the sewing machine.

A yellow pillow is stitched around three sides with an opening left in the longer side opposite the folded edge.

Trim the four corners with a scissors.

Corners are trimmed off a small yellow pillow with a small scissors.

Flip the pillow right side out. Make sure to poke out the corners!

A yellow pillow is flipped right side out.

Six stacks of flat pillows.

4. Stuff each pillow and hand sew the opening closed.  Use polyfit to stuff the little pillows being careful not to overstuff them as this will make it harder to tie them to the wreath form.

A yellow pillow is stuffed with white polyfil.

The opening of the yellow pillow is whip stitched closed with yellow thread and a needle.

5.  Tie the pillows onto the wreath using the 3/8″ ribbon. Cut each piece of ribbon about 8″ long. I recommend cutting one piece and testing it out before cutting all of them. You may want your ribbon to be cut longer to make tying the knots easier.

Start attaching pillows on the outer ring and work your way in to the center ring. Tie each pillow to two of the metal circles. For this wreath I used 30 pillows; the outer ring has 14 pillows, the middle ring has 9 pillows, and the inner ring has 7 pillows. You can decide how full you want your wreath to look and always do less.  My Christmas wreath was made with 35 pillows; 14 for the outer ring, 12 for the middle ring, and 9 for the inner ring. After the pillows are tied on, you can trim the ribbon so the tails are all the same length.

Small pillows lay next to a wire wreath form and a stack of yellow ribbons.

A green pillow is tied to the metal wreath form with a yellow ribbon.

Pillows are attached to the outer and middle rings of the wreath form.

Mini pillows in green and yellow are attached to the wire wreath form.

Pillows are attached to the metal wreath form to create a pillow wreath.

6.  Add a little ribbon loop to the back so it can be hung up and the wreath is finished!

The back of the sports team pillow wreath.

Making the Heart-Shaped Wreath

I decided to make a heart-shaped wreath after seeing a heart wreath form at Joann Fabrics. It took slightly less pillows, using 25, but I think if I had more pillows left I could have used a few more. The process for tying them on is exactly the same, except there are just two rows!

Small pillows are attached to a heart-shaped wire wreath form.

A heart-shaped sports team pillow wreath in yellow, gold and green fabrics for the Green Bay Packers.

I hope you enjoyed this pillow wreath tutorial! Create one for your favorite team and favorite sport! 

> Check out my Ultimate Guide to Making Pillow Wreaths!

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  1. LOVE the Packer wreath. My husband and I both grew up in northern Wisconsin, we now live in Seahawk land, but remain Packers. I will be making this up for him to add to his shrine of Packer items for next year. I know he will love it. I am new to your site so this is the first time seeing your projects. Lastly GO PACK GO. Thank You.

    1. Thank you!! I am so happy you like the wreath! I made ours to keep up just for football season but it seems to have found a permanent spot in our home :) I hope your husband likes the wreath and I hope the Pack does well this Saturday! GO PACK GO!!

  2. Hi Gerry, I usually use just 5 fabrics. I use 5 fabrics, 6 or 7 pillows of each fabric to make a wreath that has about 35 pillows – it all depends on how full you want your wreath. For this one, since I was making 4 wreaths at once, I ended up with 6 fabrics since I couldn’t find enough of each fabric. My wreaths were also just made with 30 pillows this time. Sorry for the confusion! It ends up not really mattering how many different fabrics you have as long as you end up with about 30-35 pillows for your wreath. 5 usually works well since then you have a good mix of patterns. Hope this helps to clarify that!!

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