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Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot Centerpiece

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Create a sweet honey pot centerpiece for baby showers, birthday parties or special events! 

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Terra cotta honey pot with yellow flowers and classic Winnie the Pooh characters.

Hello crafty friends! Today I have a fun Winnie the Pooh craft to share with you! Our whole family loves Pooh Bear, and when my son turned two, we celebrated with a Winnie the Pooh birthday party/Baptism party for my youngest. It is such a cute theme for a children’s party with so many ideas on Pinterest for cute food and decorations. I created a bunch of honey pots for the party to put food and flowers in. They were so easy to make, and nothing says Pooh bear like lots and lots of honey!

Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot Centerpiece - DIY Birthday Party Decor

I recently needed to make another Winnie the Pooh centerpiece and decided to make a honey pot filled with yellow flowers. I added plant stakes decorated with classic Pooh. Below is the tutorial – it’s fun to make and an adorable centerpiece for a Pooh-themed party or as a gift.

I filled my pot with water and used real flowers, but the pot did “sweat” after a while. I had my pot set on a trivet so it was fine. You may want to use fake flowers or a ceramic pot instead of terra cotta to keep a tablecloth or table from getting wet if set directly on it. :)

Bright yellow flowers with cute Winnie the Pooh plant stakes sticking out the top.

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How to Make a Honey Pot Centerpiece

Supplies Needed:

Supplies needed including a terra cotta pot, paint, popsickle sticks and Pooh bear embellishments.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Paint the word “HUNNY” on the front of the pot.

Using brown acrylic paint, paint the word “HUNNY” on your pot. Make sure to write the first “N” backwards like in the stories and movie. :)

A terra cotta pot with the word HUNNY painted on the front with brown acrylic paint.

Step Two: Add drips of honey.

Using yellow acrylic paint, add honey drips along the top of the pot all the way around.

Terra cotta pot that says HUNNY on it with yellow paint dripping down from the top.

Step Three: Create the plant stakes.

I used Classic Pooh scrapbooking embellishments to create my plant stakes. They look so cute popping out of the yellow flowers! I glued a few to the top of yellow Popsicle sticks. You could also glue them to straws or wooden dowels.

Yellow popsicle sticks with Pooh and Tigger embellishments added to the top.

I ended up making all of my stakes two Popsicle sticks tall so they would poke out of the top of the flower arrangement.Yellow popsicle sticks with Pooh Bear embellishments attached to the top; two popsicle sticks are attached together to make a longer stake..

Step Four: Fill your pot yellow flowers to look like honey.

I noted above that the terra cotta pot will sweat when filled with water. If you’d like to use real flowers, just set a smaller vase inside the pot to hold the water and flowers or use a different type of pot like a ceramic or glass post. If using fake flowers, no need to worry! 

After arranging your flowers in the vase, stick the plant stakes into the center of the flower arrangement. I had to play around and find spots where they would stand up straight.Bright yellow flowers with cute Winnie the Pooh plant stakes sticking out the top.

Step Five: Add tiny paper bees all over!

The little bees are my favorite part! I used them on my honey pot slider card and just love how sweet they are! They come with a little foam sticker on the back so they are ready to be added to anything!

A flower pot filled with yellow flowers has the HUNNY on it and small paper bees attached to it.

The Winnie the Pooh honey pot centerpiece is finished! It turned out so cute I wanted to make more than one! I have used these Classic Pooh paper embellishments for so many things and definitely recommend them. I hope you enjoyed this quick Winnie the Pooh craft – you can view all of my Winnie the Pooh crafts for more fun ideas! 


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