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Flower Frame Kids Craft with Perler Beads

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Create a sweet flower frame kids craft using Perler Bead Caps! This is such a cute project that makes a great gift for Mother’s Day. Download my three free flower designs to create your own flower pots.

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Three painted flower pots with perler bead flowers in them; the flowers are a frame with cute kids pictures in them.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I’m excited to share a sweet kids craft with you that is perfect for spring time. These flower frame kids crafts use Perler Beads and make cute Mother’s Day gifts as well as Father’s Day gifts! My kids had a lot of fun making these and we plan to gift them to their grandmother’s next weekend. 

For this project we used Perler Bead Caps, which are very similar to regular Perler Beads, but we love the smooth pixelated look the Caps make. Caps are open on one end and closed on the other with the smooth closed side being the right side. When making a design using Perler Bead Caps, you place the caps smooth side down in-between the pegs on your pegboard, instead of over the pegs. 

A flower is made from Perler Bead caps on a pegboard.

For this craft I created three flower patterns that can be used with both regular Perler Beads and Perler Bead Caps. You can follow my patterns exactly or switch up the colors to create your own cute flowers! 

Three perler bead flower frames with pictures of kids.

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How to Make Perler Bead Flower Frames

Supplies Needed

Supplies including Perler Bead Caps, popsickle sticks, terra cotta pots and pegboards.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Paint the terra cotta pots.

I set up a little painting station for my kids with Crayola paint.

Painting station set up with kids finger paint and terra cotta pots.

Small terra cotta pots painted by kids.

Step Two: Make the flower frames using Perler Bead Caps following my guide.

Each flower will also need a small square made from Perler Bead Caps for the back of the frame.

A flower is made from Perler Bead caps on a pegboard.

If you use Perler Bead Caps as we did, make sure you place the caps smooth side down in-between the pegs on the pegboard.

Iron them following the directions on the package and using the pressing sheet they come with. Be sure all of the beads are fused so the flower won’t fall apart when it is stood up vertically in the pot.

Iron goes over perler bead flower.

Flowers and small squares made from perler bead caps.

Step Three: Add photos to the frames and attach each flower to a popsicle stick.

Glue or tape a photo that measures 1.5″ x 1.5″ to the wrong side of the Perler Bead square. Use hot glue around the edges of the square and attach it to the back of the flower so the photo shows through the frame.

Pictures of kids are attached to small squares made from perler beads.

Three perler bead flower frames with pictures of kids.

The back of perler bead flowers.

Next, attach a popsicle stick to the stem of the flower. This gives the flower more stability and height.

The back of a perler bead flower with a popsicle stick glued to the stem.

Perler bead flowers with photos in them attached to popsicle sticks.

Step Four: Plant the Perler Bead flower in the painted pot. 

I placed a large ball of Play-doh at the bottom of each pot and stuck the popsicle stick in it. We then added black beans (we took from my daughter’s sensory materials) to fill up each pot. You could use tiny pepples, rocks from outside, colorful pom poms, or potting soil to fill in each pot. 

Terra cotta flower pots filled with yellow playdough.

Yellow playdough is squished into the bottom of the flower pots.

Black beans fill in the terra cotta pots around the perler bead flowers.

The flower pot crafts are finished! These turned out so cute and my kids really had fun making them. 

A painted flower pot with a perler bead flower frame in it.

A flower pot with a perler bead flower.

A perler bead flower frame with a child's photo in it.

Looking for more ideas for Mother’s Day? Check out my Mother’s Day craft page for lots of fun tutorials!

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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