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Star Wars R2D2 Treat Boxes

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R2D2 Treat Boxes Star Wars Party Favors Tutorial

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Good morning! Today I have a fun Star Wars DIY project. With the movie coming out so soon, I have been seeing Star Wars everywhere and wanted to join in the fun by making a couple DIY R2D2 treat boxes. I found some great cardboard cupcake boxes at my local Joann Fabrics and thought they were the perfect shape for R2D2. Once I had the cupcake boxes, I just needed a few paint colors and markers to create these cute boxes. Creating the first one took the longest, trying to figure out where to put all of R2D2’s features. But once the first one was done, it was easy to copy it on the others. I filled my little boxes with LifeSavers, (get it – LifeSavers – Lightsabers haha).

Below is the tutorial, enjoy!R2D2 Treat Box Star Wars Party Favors

Supplies Needed for R2D2 Treat Boxes

  • Paper Mache Cupcake Treat Box 
  • White and Silver acrylic paint
  • Blue, Gray, and Red paint or markers (I ended up using markers after finding it easier than the paint!)
  • Paint brush
  • Pencil

R2D2 Treat Box

  • This picture shows acrylic paint which I used just for the base, I switched to markers for the blue and red detailing!

STEP 1: Paint the cupcake treat boxes. I first painted both the top and bottom white. For the second coat, I painted white on the bottom but used silver for the top. 

R2D2 Treat Box Star Wars Party Favors

STEP 2: Pencil in the R2D2 design. My R2D2 is definitely not exact, but I did try to get the major features in the right spot. I Googled “R2D2 layouts”, “R2D2 top” and “R2D2 back” and was able to get a rough idea of where everything went. I drew in pencil and was able to erase my lines and adjust things until I had it how I wanted. For the bottom, I started with the front section and worked my way around. For the lid, I started at the center and worked my way out.

R2D2 Treat Box Star Wars Party Favors

R2D2 Treat Box Star Wars Party Favors

R2D2 Treat Box Star Wars Party Favors

STEP 3: Paint or color in R2D2. I started with the idea of using paint but quickly realized I couldn’t stay steady enough to get really thin lines. I found using marker was way easier. I colored in all of the blue parts first. I used a grey colored pencil to go over all of my pencil lines. I could have used my grey marker, but found mine was too dark. 

R2D2 Treat Box Star Wars Party Favors

R2D2 Treat Box Star Wars Party FavorsR2D2 Treat Box Star Wars Party Favors

STEP 4: Fill the boxes up with small treats and enjoy! You could fill these with anything! They are a great size for candy, cookies, and of course LifeSavers! If you are using treats that are not individually wrapped you may want to use a cupcake liner on the inside of the boxes.

R2D2 Treat Boxes Star Wars Party Favors

I’ll be back next week with some Thanksgiving DIY projects! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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