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DIY Sewing Tray – with Pin and Needle Holders


DIY Sewing Tray

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Good morning! This past weekend we had our first snowfall of the season! It was a wet snow which looked beautiful on the trees. One of the nice things about winter and the colder weather is it is the perfect time to catch up on sewing projects. Today’s DIY project is the perfect thing to have on hand for this winter’s sewing projects – a DIY sewing tray. This is especially helpful if you are like me and like to sew on the couch while catching up on your favorite Netflix show :)

I have used this tray so much since I made it. It is perfect for holding my sewing notions and transporting them from my sewing table to the couch. It has helped keep my needles and pins from slipping down into the couch and makes it easy to put away my sewing things when my kids are around.  When I made this as a gift for a fellow sewing buddy, I added the cute saying to the pin dish and I created a place to hold needles! Below is the tutorial – Happy winter sewing everyone! 

DIY Sewing Tray 15

Supplies Needed:

  • Tray (I got a small black one in the Target dollar section)
  • Plaid (or any design) tissue paper or paper
  • White card stock
  • Small serving dish or ramekin
  • Painters tape
  • Mod Podge
  • Black Sharpie
  • Gold Glass Paint
  • Black Felt
  • Glue Stick and Tacky Glue
  • Scissors

DIY Plaid Sewing Tray


Cut a piece of card stock to fit in the bottom of your tray. Use this as a pattern to cut the same size rectangle from your decorative tissue paper or regular paper. Glue the card stock in using tacky glue, then glue the decorative paper down. Cover in a thin layer of Mod Podge and let dry overnight.

DIY Plaid Sewing Tray
DIY Plaid Sewing Tray

DIY Plaid Sewing Tray

DIY Plaid Sewing Tray


I used small ramekins or sauce dishes for the pin holders. I taped off the top using green painters tape and then painted the bottom with two coats of metallic copper paint. I wrote the saying “May Your Bobbin Always Be Full”. For my first attempt at writing this, I used my black ceramic paint. In the end, I found a black Sharpie worked much better. I used some gold ceramic paint to color in the thread.

DIY Plaid Sewing Tray

DIY Sewing Tray

DIY Sewing Tray

The Needle Holder

To create the thread-shaped needle holder, I cut two thread shapes from card stock. I covered them with gold tissue paper that came with the plaid tissue paper. I glued it to the card stock with a glue stick. I took a piece of black felt, wrapped it around the cardboard thread and whip stitched it together.

DIY Sewing Tray

This sewing tray is handy to have around, especially for hand sewing and it makes a cute gift for sewing friends! 

DIY Sewing Tray

Square Dip Bowl
Gold/White Plaid and Copper Tissue Paper

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