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6 Handmade Holiday GraphicChristmas Tree Baby Stacking Ring Toy

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Good morning! I’m here today with the 6th Day of a Handmade Holiday! We are now half way through all of the fun DIY holiday projects I have planned! Today I wanted to share a project I made for my daughter – a Christmas Tree Stacking Ring toy!  I used the Heather Bailey baby pattern to create this sweet toy!

My mom used the same Heather Bailey pattern to make stacking rings a few years ago. I thought using all green fabric and creating a Christmas tree would be a fun holiday spin to this cute toy. 

Christmas Tree Baby Stacking Rings Toy

I followed the Heather Bailey pattern exactly so there isn’t a tutorial for these rings! I’ve included the supplies I used and some process shots for fun! I wasn’t originally planning to add the colorful ric rac and pom-pom ribbon. Once I had my tree stacked though, it was screaming for something. I think the ribbon looks like fun ornaments or garland strung on my fabric Christmas tree!

Supplies Needed for a Christmas Tree Stacking Ring Toy: (not all items are pictured below!)

  • Heather Bailey Happy Stacker Ring Toy Pattern
  • Five different green fabrics in different shades or patterns
  • Brown fabric for the tree trunk pole
  • Ribbon for the top of the tree trunk
  • Yellow felt scrap for the star
  • Five different colorful ribbons, pom-pom trims, or ric rac to decorate the rings
  • Sewing notions: Thread, scissors, ruler, pencil, pins, needle
  • Interfacing – types needed are listed on the pattern
  • Stuffing

Christmas Tree Baby Stacking Rings Toy 4

I have a few process shots. Here are my rings half way. They are ready for the tricky part – sewing them closed and turning them inside out!Christmas Tree Baby Stacking Rings Toy 3

All finished – but definitely missing something!

Christmas Tree Baby Stacking Rings Toy

Colorful ribbon of course!! I dug through my ribbon bin and found these fun and colorful ric racs and pom-pom trims. I hand stitched these on, trying to keep them as level as possible!

Christmas Tree Baby Stacking Rings Toy

The last thing I did was to add a small yellow felt star to the top of our tree!! All finished!! Maybe this Christmas tree will help distract her from our real one! I doubt it – but I know she’ll still have fun with this one!!

Christmas Tree Baby Stacking Rings 3DIY Christmas Tree Baby Stackable Rings SquareSignKim

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