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DIY Unicorn Birthday Card and Invitation – Free Printables!

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Learn how to create a handmade unicorn birthday card or party invitation! Add a magical unicorn mane using colorful yarn for a fun, dimensional element! Grab my free printables to help you get started!

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Unicorn Birthday Card and Unicorn Birthday invitation lay on a pink surface with tiny flowers and yarn.

Hello Crafty Friends! Celebrate someone special with a handmade unicorn birthday card or party invitation! These sweet DIY cards are made using my free printables and embellished with colorful yarn.

The yarn mane adds a fun, dimensional element to the cards and is simple to create. You can use multi-colored yarn like I did or create the mane using just one yarn color. I love adding something a little unexpected to my cards that make them extra special.

The finished card measures 4.5″ x 6.25″ and will fit an A6 envelope. Make one to use as a birthday card or create multiples for party invitations. The printables come with a different wording options at the top including; “Wishing you a magical birthday!” and “Join us for a magical party!”. 

Unicorn birthday invitation with a colorful yarn mane.

Below I will show you how to make these magical unicorn cards including how to create the cute yarn mane. If you love creating handmade cards, be sure to check out my other DIY Card tutorials

How to Make a Unicorn Birthday Card and Birthday Invitation

Supplies Needed

Paper trimmer, yarn, printable card, adhesive and scissors lay on a table.

Preparing the Unicorn Card

Start by printing the unicorn card on white cardstock and cutting it out using a paper trimmer.

Printable unicorn card is cut with a paper trimmer.

Use a craft knife to carefully cut along the side of the unicorn’s neck. Start at the ear and cut until you reach the end of the neck. This will create an opening for the yarn mane.

A craft knife cuts along the back of the unicorn where the mane will be inserted.

Fold the cards in half along the fold line. You can use a scoring board and stylus if you have one to create a nice, crisp fold line.

Unicorn cards are folded and lay next to a bone folder.

Creating the Unicorn Mane from Yarn

Next, create the mane from yarn and add it to the unicorn card. To create the mane cut a piece of cardstock that measures 1.5″ x 2.5″. Place a strip of double-sided tape along one of the long edges.

Wrap yarn around the cardstock, arranging it so it lays flat on the card and is close together. Once the cardstock is covered with yarn, use a scissors to cut the yarn open along the side opposite the double-sided tape.

Collage showing how to make the yarn mane using colorful yarn, a piece of paper and double-sided tape.

After cutting the yarn, open it up and lay it flat. One side of the yarn will still be attached to the cardstock. Use Scotch-tape to wrap around the center of the yarn. The ends will be loose but the center will be taped.

Use a scissors to cut through the center of the yarn and tape. I turned my yarn over and cut along the edge of the cardstock. You will now have two pieces of yarn that have loose ends like a mane! One will still have cardstock attached to it, but you can fold the yarn out of the way and cut the cardstock so it isn’t visible past the tape line. 

Collage showing how to divide the mane into two pieces ready to be attached to the card.

Assembling the Unicorn Card

It is now time to insert the mane into the opening you cut along the back of the unicorns neck. Use tape to secure the mane on the inside of the back cover. Double-check the front of your card before taping it down to make sure the tape wrapped around the mane isn’t visible from the front. 

Yarn mane lays next to a printable unicorn card.

Inside of the unicorn card showing the mane sticking through the cut slit and taped down.

Unicorn yarn mane is inserted into the card.

Trim the mane in a slight curve to match the curve of the unicorns neck. 

A scissors trims the yarn mane to appear slightly curved.

Unicorn birthday invitation with a colorful yarn mane.

Finishing the Card

To finish the card, cut a piece of decorative cardstock that measures 4.25″ x 5.75″ and adhere to the inside of the front cover. This will hide the tape end of the mane! I used scrapbook paper from a unicorn-themed paperstack, DCWV Unicorns and Rainbows, but solid colored paper will also work! 

Decorative paper is added to the back of the card cover.

A unicorn birthday card lays open with a purple pen nearby.

The unicorn birthday card is complete and ready to be gifted to someone special. These cards also make sweet unicorn birthday invitations! Each time you make the mane, there are two pieces, so making multiples of these cards goes quickly!  

Unicorn Birthday Card and Unicorn Birthday invitation lay on a pink surface with tiny flowers and a wrapped gift..

I hope you enjoyed this DIY birthday card tutorial! I have love creating handmade invitations and cards so be sure to checkout my Handmade Card section for more fun ideas. 

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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