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Witch’s Broom Printable Halloween Pencil Tags

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Learn how to make cute non-candy halloween treats! Decorate pencils to look like a witch’s broom then add my printable Halloween pencil tags! 

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Pencils decorated like witch's broomsticks with printable pencil tags on them.

Hello Crafty Friends! Ready to make something super cute for Halloween? These witch broom pencils are a fun non-candy treat for Halloween! With so much candy, sometimes it’s nice to get something a little different!

These pencil gifts are perfect for the classroom, parties, and trick-or-treating! They also make fun gifts for the Teal Pumpkin Project. Each year for our trick-or-treaters we put out a bowl of candy along with a bowl of non-candy treats. This helps all kids have fun trick-or-treating by providing non-candy treats for children living with food allergies. 

You’ll only need a few things to make these witch brooms including pencils, paper and the free printable pencil tags. The tags all come with a fun Halloween joke on them that is witch or broomstick themed. You can use Halloween pencils like I did, or use plain pencils to look even more like broomsticks. 

Pencils decorated like witch's broomsticks with printable pencil tags on them.

These cute broomsticks are fun to make and a cute non-candy gift for kids! Below is the tutorial – I hope you have fun making them!

Pencil Witch Brooms – Non Candy Halloween Gifts

Supplies Needed

A package of Halloween pencils, orange and brown cardstock, double-sided tape, fringe scissors and printable tags.

How to Make Witch Broomstick Pencils

Step One: Cut orange and brown cardstock. Start by cutting strips of orange paper about 1/4″ wide and rectangles of brown paper that measure 2″ x 5″. 

Strips of orange paper are cut with a paper trimmer; rectangles of brown kraft paper lay nearby.

Step Two: Fringe cut the brown paper. Use a scissors, or a fringe scissors if you have one, to cut one side of the brown pieces. The fringe scissors makes this go really quickly and perfectly spaces your fringe. I cut my fringe about 1.75″ in along one of the 5″ side of paper.

Pieces of brown paper are cut with a fringe scissors.

Step Three: Wrap the bottom of each pencil to create a broomstick. Start by wrapping double-sided tape around the pencil. Next wrap the brown fringed paper and then top with the thin piece of orange paper.

Collage of photos showing the bottom of the Halloween pencils being wrapped with double-sided tape, brown fringed paper and a thin band of orange paper.

Adding the Halloween Pencil Tags

Step Four: Print and cut out the printable pencil tags. They each have a fun Halloween joke that is witch-themed!

Printable Halloween tags are cut out using a paper trimmer.

Step Five: Use a craft knife to cut two slits in the paper tags and add them to each pencil. Lay the pencil tags on a self-healing cutting mat and cut two slits with a craft knife following the orange guide lines. Then simply slip them over the pencil.

A craft knife cuts along an orange guide line on a pencil tag.

The witches broomstick gifts are complete! I think these pencil broomsticks turned out SO cute and are a great non-candy Halloween gift! 

Pencils decorated like witch's broomsticks with printable pencil tags on them.

Pencils decorated like witch's broomsticks with printable pencil tags on them.

I hope you enjoyed this fun craft! I love sharing cute Halloween crafts that are fun to make this time of year! I love making cute gifts, especially treat boxes like my Haunted House Treat Box and Halloween Cut-Out Boxes. 

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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