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Pop Art Pumpkin Decor for Halloween

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Create your own bright and colorful pop art pumpkin decor for Halloween! Use five colors of vinyl and my Design Space file with your Cricut cutting machine to make a festive piece of art for the Halloween season.

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DIY Pumpkin pop art sign made with Cricut vinyl.

Hello Crafty Friends! Spooky season is almost here and today I’m sharing a fun tutorial for making a pop art pumpkin sign! This project was so much fun to make. I designed the sign in Cricut Design Space and loved playing around with the different colors. 

This pumpkin sign is full of bright, contrasting colors and is inspired by the style and repetition of Andy Warhol’s art. While I chose to use classic Halloween colors of purple, orange and black, this sign could be made in any color scheme to create a unique piece of art to display this festive halloween season! 

Wooden sign with orange, black, yellow and lavender pumpkins cut out of vinyl.

Below is the tutorial for creating your own Pop Art Pumpkin Decor. You can access my file in Cricut Design Space and follow the instructions for setting up the file below. If you are looking for more cute and spooky crafts, be sure to check out my Halloween Craft Page!

DIY Pumpkin Pop Art Halloween Decor

Supplies Needed

Wood board, sheets of colorful vinyl and a bottle of white acrylic paint.

Preparing the Wooden Board

Start by painting your wooden board white using acrylic paint. I used DecoArt Patio Paint even though this won’t be outside. It is the paint I had hand and I love the coverage it gives. I only need one coat! 

A square wooden board painted white with acrylic paint.

Next, use a pencil to lightly mark a 1/2″ border along the top and left side of the board. This will help you line everything up when it is time to place the jack-o’-lanterns. 

A ruler is used to mark 1/2" around the entire wooden sign.

Preparing the File in Cricut Design Space

My file is ready to use in Design Space and is formatted to fit a 12″ square wooden sign with a 1/2″ border all the way around. Each jack-o’-lantern square has three layers. A background, a solid pumpkin and a pumpkin with a face cut out. Each layer has small “registration” squares at the top that will help you line up the layers so that the pumpkin is positioned in the exact same way for each square. 

The pumpkin sign is ready to be cut in Cricut Design Space.

You can change the colors of the pumpkin and then when it is time to cut the layers just be sure to look over your mats. I spread out my layers a bit since Cricut was placing them really close together.

Mats ready to be cut in Cricut Design Space.

Cutting the Vinyl Jack o’ Lanterns

Cut all of the layers of vinyl then weed them using a Cricut weeding tool.

Black vinyl is being cut with a Cricut Explore cutting machine.

Below you can see all of my weeded layers organized by color.

Vinyl pumpkin pieces separated by color.

Assembling the Pop Art Board

Use the images in this blog post or the image included in the Design Space file to figure out which layers go together. Each jack-o’-lantern will have a solid square background, a solid pumpkin, and a pumpkin with a face cut out. 

Use transfer tape to layer the pieces together. The two small registration squares at the top will help you line the layers up. Once they are layered you can cut the registration squares off or just remove them from the final design. *Tip: The vinyl has a tendency to bubble, so smooth out the design as you go before removing the transfer tape.

Three layers of vinyl are layered together to create the one jack-o'-lantern.

Start with the pumpkin in the top left corner and adhere it to the board using the pencil lines as a guide. Place the entire top row of pumpkins before moving on to the second row.

A jack o'-lantern is applied to the top corner of the wooden board using transfer tape.

Continue adding pumpkins doing your best to keep them lined up. You can reuse the same piece of transfer tape for all of your pumpkins.

The seventh vinyl jack-o'-lantern is applied to the wooden baord.

The last couple of vinyl pumpkins are added to the wooden board.

Once they have all been added to the board, your pop art pumpkin sign is complete and ready to be displayed!

Halloween pumpkin sign made with colorful vinyl.

I love how this sign turned out! It is so fun for Halloween and can be made in any color scheme! 

DIY Pumpkin pop art sign made with Cricut vinyl.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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