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DIY Halloween Paper Plate Wreath

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Create a cute DIY Halloween wreath this holiday season using yarn, pipe cleaners and a paper plate! This is a simple wreath that can be easily customized to match your Halloween decor!

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Halloween wreath made from orange yarn with a paper plate in the center that reads "Happy Halloween"; a large black Pom Pom spider sits on top and a black and orange striped bow hangs down.

Hello Crafty Friends! Are you looking for a fun new Halloween wreath to decorate your door for the season? This DIY Halloween wreath is an easy craft project that is spooky cute! Changing wreaths out for different holidays and seasons is a quick and simple way to decorate for the holiday.

This Halloween wreath uses a fun, but very random, craft supply. A paper plate! I love making paper plate wreaths. They are easy, inexpensive and they hold up well. I have made a few in the past including my Christmas Paper Plate Wreath and my Harry Potter paper plate wreath

For this wreath, I searched for a larger dinner-sized plate since I wanted the wreath to be a little larger than my last two. I found dinner-sized plates that were orange and black with “Happy Halloween” written across the front of them at my local grocery store. They were the perfect size to work with my 14″ foam wreath form. 

Since my plates had a spider web border, I decided the wreath needed a cute spider! I made mine from pipe cleaners and Googly eyes and love how cute it looks on top of my wreath. 

A white yarn comes out from underneath the black pom pom spider.

How to Make a DIY Halloween Wreath

Below is the tutorial for making your own paper plate Halloween wreath! I chose to wrap my wreath form with orange yarn, but you could wrap it in fabric scraps, ribbon or paint it. Earlier this year I made a Spring Wrapped Wreath using a charm pack! You can wrap the wreath with anything you’d like, then pop in a fun paper plate and you have a cute DIY wreath for any holiday, season, or occasion!

Supplies Needed

Foam wreath form, Halloween paper plate, black pipe cleaners, ribbon and a roll of orange yarn.

Wrapping the Wreath

Step One: Wrap the foam wreath form in yarn. You can also wrap it in ribbon, fabric, or paint it orange. This step is simple but takes patience. I taped one end of my yarn to the wreath form and then started wrapping, covering the end up as I went. When I had finished wrapping the wreath, I used a little dab of hot glue on the back to secure the yarn. 

Foam wreath form wrapped in orange yarn.

Add The Paper Plate!

The trick to adding a paper plate to a wreath is choosing a paper plate that fits well inside the wreath. My wreath form was 14″ wide and the foam had a diameter of about 2″. Which meant the hole in my wreath was about 10″ wide. By choosing paper plates that were 10 inches, the fit was very close to perfect.

Turn the wreath over and add glue around the edge of the paper plate. Press the paper plate to the back of the wreath keeping it level. You could also add glue to the edges of the paper plate and set the plate face up on a surface. Then carefully set the wreath form on top. 

The back of the wreath showing a paper plate glued to the opening of the wreath form.

Making a Cute Bow

Create a ribbon bow for the bottom of the wreath or purchase a pre-made bow from a craft store. Michaels usually has a great pre-made selection. My finished bow measured 7″ wide, but you could use a larger or smaller one depending on what you like.

I formed a ribbon bow and then made four extra bow loops to add in since I wanted a fuller bow. I formed the loops by sewing them, but added them to my ribbon bow with hot glue. 

Black and orange striped ribbon bow with four ribbon loops laying near it.

Black and orange striped bow.

Once you have a bow, glue it to the bottom of the wreath.

Black and orange striped bow attached to the bottom of the yarn wreath.

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Spider

One of my favorite parts of this wreath is the cute pipe cleaner spider! I grabbed the supplies for this spider from my daughter’s craft kit by Kid Made Modern. It had a giant black fluffy pipe cleaner, black tinsel pipe cleaners and two orange Googly eyes. 

Large black fluffy pipe cleaner, thin black pipe cleaners and two orange Googley eyes.

Wrap the large fluffy pipe cleaner into a ball to form the body of the spider. Then glue the two Googly eyes to the front of it. Bend the small black pipe cleaners on one end to make eight spider legs.

Large pipe cleaner balled up, two orange googley eyes and eight thin pipe cleaners with one of their ends bent.

Two orange googley eyes are glued to the top of the black fluffy pipe cleaner ball.

Using hot glue, attach the spider legs to the wreath, then cover them with a little oval of black felt. Once the black felt is in place you can shape the legs and position them how you want. 

Eight black pipe cleaner legs added to the top right corner of the yarn-wrapped wreath form.

A black felt oval is glued on top of the pipe cleaner spider legs.

Glue the large pipe cleaner pom pom to the felt. 

Large fuzzy black spider sits on the top of the wreath.

To finish off the spider, I added a piece of white yarn coming out from under it and had it attach to the opposite side of the wreath, near the center of a spider web printed on the paper plate.

DIY Halloween Wreath using a Paper Plate.

Add a hanging loop to the back of the wreath with a piece of yarn and the wreath is finished! I love how cute this wreath turned out. It was simple to make and only took a few supplies. Find the paper plate you want to feature and then choose yarn or fabric to coordinate. You can create a Halloween wreath to match the colors in your decor!

Halloween wreath made wrapped in orange yarn, a black pom pom spider on top and a large bow on the bottom.

I love crafting cute things for Halloween! I have made a few other Halloween wreaths that I use as door decoration or around our home this time of year. My pillow wreath is a Halloween decorations staple in our home and I love the new glow-in-the-dark Halloween hoop wreath I made last year!

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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