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DIY Birthday Party Hat!

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Create a DIY Birthday party hat to match any party theme using scrapbook paper and yarn! Free template and SVG cut file to help you get started.

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Two paper birthday hats with yarn pom poms and top; one has a number 3 on the front, the other a number 4.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I’m excited to show you how to make your own paper party hats! Making your own party hats allows you to customize the hats to match any theme or occasion. You can personalize the hats with the year the birthday boy or girl is turning and it becomes a sweet keepsake to hold onto. Make one hat for the birthday child or make one for every guest! With just a little bit of scrapbook paper and yarn, these hats come together quickly.

A pink and gold floral paper party hat with a large 4 on the front and a pink yarn pom pom.

Examples of my Paper Party Hats

When I was planning a Winnie the Pooh-themed party for my littles ones, I wasn’t able to find a party hat that fit the theme. I decided it would be simple to make my own! I was able to use the same scrapbook paper and cute bee embellishments that I used in other places of the party. It was so fun to be able to make a party hat that matched the look and theme of our party perfectly. 

I used the hat as a prop while taking birthday pictures of my son and then used it at the party as well. When my son was done wearing it, I added it to a cute teddy bear we were displaying on our food table. 

Paper party hat with the humber two on it with a green pom pom on top.

Cute paper birthday hat on top of a teddy bear.

Below are the birthday hats I made for our Woodland Animal Party the following year! I used stickers and ribbon to decorate the medallions.

Two paper party hats; one has a number one on it, the other a number 3 on it.

I’ve also made these hats for a Minnie Mouse party! Instead of adding a paper medallion to the front, I added Mouse ears cut from Cricut Design Space. My red and white polka-dot paper was really thin, so I layered it over a thicker piece of black cardstock.

Minnie Mouse Paper Hat

DIY Birthday Party Hat

I’m so excited to share a newly updated tutorial with you as well as updated patterns. You can still grab my free PDF pattern but now I also have a free SVG cut file so you can the party hat using your cutting machine! 

Supplies Needed

Scrapbook paper, a hot glue gun and a roll of green yarn.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Use the free pattern or cut file to cut out the pieces needed to make the hat. 

I used my Cricut to cut numbers with the font “Indie Days” that measure 1.36″ tall. You can skip cutting numbers out of cardstock and instead use stickers, print numbers from your computer (this is what I did for my Winnie the Pooh hat), or draw the number with marker. You can also skip the number all-together and opt for a cute sticker or picture that matches your party theme.

Design Space paper party hat cut file.

Space-themed paper is cut with a Cricut cutting machine.

Paper pieces to create a paper birthday hat.

Step Two: Shape the cone of the party hat and tape into place on the inside. This party is a little tricky. I rolled my paper into a cone first and held it for a little to try to help the paper form curve. Then I found it easiest to get the tab closest to the tip of the cone in first and then the second tab. It can be hard to do this without crushing the cone so take your time and be patient. Once the tab is through, tape it on the inside with clear tape.

A paper cone made out of space-themed scrapbook paper.

The paper cone hat lays on its side with tape covering the inside notch.

Step Three: Create the paper medallion. I love paper medallions, especially on party hats! They add such nice dimension and are so cute!

To create one, start by scoring a the long strip of paper every 1/4″ using a scoring board if you have one. Next accordion fold the paper and adhere the ends together using hot glue or double-sided tape to form a tube. Place hot glue on the small paper circle centered inside the accordion tube. Push the top edges of the tube down forming the paper medallion shape. The center should be on top of the hot glue. Hold until the glue is set. 

Collage showing a paper medallion being assembled.

Before I purchased a scoring board, I used my paper trimmer and a sharp object like my needle nose pliers. I marked the paper every 1/4″ on the back side with small pencil ticks, then laid the paper in the paper trimmer and scored it in the groove where you would usually cut. Some paper trimmers actually come with a scoring blade which is another great option!

Long strip of paper marked every quarter inch with a ruler and pencil.

strip of paper laying in a paper trimmer with a needle nose pliers nearby.

Decorate the large paper circle with a number or other decorations that match your party theme.

Teal medallion, orange circle with a number 3 on it and a glue stick lay on a table.

A large number 3 on an orange circle of paper glued to the top of a teal paper medallion.

Step Four: Adhere the medallion to the front of the party hat! I used a dab of hot glue and stuck the medallion to the center of the party hat. 

The number 3 paper medallion is attached to the front of the paper cone.

Two paper birthday hats with numbered medallions on the front of them.

Step Five: Add a yarn pom pom to the top! You can add a pre-made yarn pom pom or make your own using a pom-pom maker or a piece of cardboard as I did. 

Collage showing how to make a pom pom.

Two paper party hats; one with a pink pom pom and the the other about to get a green pom pom.

Step Six: Add a thin elastic neck strap. Thread the elastic through the notched holes keeping the knots on the outside of the hat. 

An elastic knot is visible on the side of the paper cone hat.

Thin elastic is added to the paper hat.

Two paper birthday hats sit on a table.

All finished!! Your hat will not match your party colors and theme perfectly! Party hats make any special occasion just a bit more festive, don’t you think?

Two paper birthday hats sit next to gifts and ribbon.

A paper part hat made with space-themed paper has a number 3 on the front and a green yarn pom pom.


Below you can see a few more hats I’ve made. I used cut the long strip of paper for my medallions with decorative edge scissors and added fabric trim to the bottom edges of the hats.

Festive party hats with pom poms.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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