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BugabooCity Ice Cream Treat Boxes

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Good morning! I’m here today with a quick and easy DIY project for making Ice Cream Cone Treat Boxes! These are so adorable and perfect for party favors or for just giving a special treat to brighten someone’s day! There’s something so refreshing and sweet about sherbet colors and they bring these plain cupcake boxes to life!

You may remember my Fourth of July Treat Boxes – this is the same process just with different colors! I liked those little treat boxes so much I wanted to make a few that would work anytime throughout the summer! I filled mine with pastel-colored Jordan Almonds and retro Butter Cookies and they were the perfect mini gift!

Ice Cream Cone Treat Box TutorialIce Cream Cone Treat Box Tutorial

Supplies Needed for DIY Ice Cream Cone Treat Boxes

  • Paper Mache Cupcake Box (They were $1.00 at my local Joann Fabric Store)
  • Acrylic paint in pastel papers
  • Flat or angle paint brush
  • Wooden ball
  • Glitter (optional for cherry)
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • Tan marker
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cupcake liner

Ice Cream Cone Treat Box Tutorial

Step 1:  Paint the paper mache cupcake box! I used acrylic paint and started by painting the lid in a pastel color. I did two coats.

Ice Cream Cone Treat Box Tutorial

I decorated the lid, or in this case the scoop of ice cream, with sprinkles! To paint the jimmies, I used a flat paint brush. This worked great because all of my jimmies were the same size. (The picture below shows the cherries added that happens in a later step – I forgot to take a picture before the cherries were added!)

Ice Cream Cone Treat Box Tutorial

Next I painted the bottom part of the box, or in this case the cone. I used a combination of white, brown, and yellow acrylic paints. 

Ice Cream Cone Treat Box Tutorial

Ice Cream Cone Treat Box TutorialI painted the upper part of the lid with another pastel-colored paint.  Add criss-crosses to the cone part with a tan marker or tan paint. 

Ice Cream Cone Treat Box Tutorial

Step 2:  Add the cherry! Paint a round ball and hot glue it to the top of the box lid. You can add the stem of the cherry by twisting a piece of green pipe cleaner together. Put a little hot glue in the top of the cherry and push the pipe cleaner in.

Ice Cream Cone Treat Box Tutorial

Your treat box is all finished! I placed a cupcake liner in the bottom of the box and filled them up with fun candy and cookies!

Ice Cream Cone Treat Box Tutorial


BugabooCity Ice Cream Cone Treat BoxHow cute are these little treat boxes?! Perfect for a summer party favor or gift. They are a great size for candies, small cookies, or any tiny trinket!



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