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DIY Ice Cream Cone Fabric Banner

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Create the sweetest ice cream cone fabric banner with felt, fabric scraps and buttons! Grab the free template and follow this tutorial to make a fun summertime craft!

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Ice Cream cone banner made from fabric, felt and buttons.

Hello Crafty Friends! Summer is the perfect time for sweet ice cream cone crafts! Today I am excited to share this fun new DIY ice cream cone fabric banner. I used some of my pastel-patterned fabric scraps to create all sorts of different ice cream cones.

It was fun mixing and matching the different patterns. The cutest part of these ice cream cones is definitely the button cherries. Four-hole buttons were an easy to way to string the cones onto the banner while also adding a cute and colorful cherry.

For this craft, I created my own templates for the cake cones and sugar cones along with a scoop of ice cream and syrup. Adding the syrup to some of my ice cream scoops allowed me to use up more of my scraps and have fun mixing and matching the fabrics.

A cute ice cream cone banner made from felt and pastel fabric with red cherry buttons.

To create the cones, I found a ribbed felt at Joann Fabrics. The texture is perfect and it was easy to work with. I chose to alternate which direction the diagonal ribbing went with it going one way for the cake cones and the opposite way for the sugar cones.
Fabric ice cream cones are arranged in a star with their red cherry buttons in the center.

Like most of my felt banners (check out my Christmas Tree Banner, Pumpkin Banner and Carrot Banner), I used a simple running stitch to sew my layers of felt and fabric together. The bottom layer is made from a stiffened felt which gives each piece of the banner a nice weight and stability, while keeping it easy to stitch through.

A fabric ice cream cone pennant is made from striped pastel fabric and brown ribbed felt.

Below is the tutorial for these sweet ice cones! I made a banner with mine, but you could do all sorts of fun things with these little cones. 

DIY Fabric Ice Cream Cones

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Create the Ice Cream Cones.

Print the free ice cream cone template and cut around each shape. There are two styles of ice cream cones – cake cones and sugar cones!

Scissors lays next to ice cream cone templates cut out.

Trace the ice cream cones onto the stiffened white felt – this will be the bottom layer of each banner piece. Use the two templates with the full ice cream cone. The other pieces of the template will be used for the fabric scraps and textured felt. I cut five of each ice cream cone so I could alternate between cake cones and sugar cones.

Ice cream cones traced onto a sheet of white felt with pencil.

Use the cone templates to cut cones from the tan corduroy felt. I traced around the cones with a pen on the wrong side of the felt.

Cones are traced onto tan textured felt with a pen.The pieces for the banner are cut out and laid on a table.

Once you have all of the cones cut out, hand stitch them to the stiffened felt with tan embroidery floss and a running stitch.

Brown tan cones laid on white felt ice cream cones.

The tan corduroy cone is stitched to the white felt cone using a small running stitch around the border of the cone in a coordinating color.

Step Two: Create the Ice Cream Scoop and Syrup

The ice cream and syrup part of each ice cream cone is made from pastel fabric scraps. I searched through my scrap bins and picked out a variety of colors and patterns that all looked nice together!

Fabric scraps for the ice cream cone banner.

Each ice cream scoop is made from one piece of fabric scrap, a coordinating piece of felt and an optional syrup piece. Use the ice cream scoop pattern to cut an ice cream scoop from felt and fabric for each ice cream cone. 

To create the syrup, trace the syrup onto the paper side of fusible interfacing using a pencil. I labeled my traced syrups with a P for purple pattern or B for blue pattern since they are slightly different sizes. Bubble cut around each syrup, leaving a border around each.

Syrup patterns traced onto fusible interfacing.

Iron each piece of fusible interfacing to the wrong side of a piece of scrap fabric. Cut each syrup out directly along the pattern line. Once cool, peel the paper backing off and iron each syrup to an ice cream scoop. I added syrup to a lot of my scoops but left a few without.

Ice cream scoops are cut from fabric.

Below you can see all the pieces that make up one ice cream cone. The white-stiffened felt for the background, the textured tan felt for the cone, and the three pieces that create the ice cream scoop – felt, fabric scrap and fabric scrap syrup. 

One ice cream cone pennant showing the layers of fabric and felt.

Hand stitch the ice cream scoop to the white-stiffened felt and cone sewing through all of the layers. I alternated between using a running stitch and a back stitch – both will look nice, so use whatever you prefer! I switched floss colors when I got to the syrup of each cone.

Pink fabric ice cream scoop with purple fabric syrup stitching to a tan felt cone.

Step Three: Add the cherries and string together the banner.

I used four-hole red and pink buttons to act as cherries on the top of each of my ice cream cones. I stitched them on using red and pink embroidery floss. Only go through the bottom two holes of each button. The top two holes of each button will be used for stringing the banner.

Red and pink buttons are stitched to the top of each ice cream cone to look like cherries.

A red button is stitched to the top of a ice cream cone pennant.

Next, sting the banner. I used lavender embroidery floss and passed it through the top two holes of each cherry button. This was so easy and worked perfectly. I was able to slide the ice cream cones to be evenly spaced, but they still held in place without moving around. If they do move around on you, you could always add a dab of glue to the back of each button.

Purple embroidery floss is threaded to the red cherry button.

Below you can see ice cream cones I stitched with a running stitch instead of a backstitch. I think both stitches look nice – this was a quicker option!

Purple embroidery floss is thread through the top of the cherry button.

The banner is finished! I love how summery and sweet this banner turned out! Another awesome project for using up those fabric scraps. You could switch up the pastel color and use all bright primary colors or even make it patriotic for the Fourth of July and use red, white and blues.

Fabric ice cream cones are arranged in a star with their red cherry buttons in the center.

Ice cream crafts are so much fun to make! Check out my other Ice Cream-Themed Crafts. With this banner and my cute ice cream truck treat boxes, you’d be ready to host your own ice cream party!

Make an ice cream cone banner using paper instead of fabric! Check out my tutorial for a Paper Rosette Ice Cream Banner.

Ice Cream Cone Fabric Banner

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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