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Easter Bunny Embroidery Hoop Art – Free Pattern

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Create a sweet Easter Bunny embroidery hoop using fabric and applique! This is a great project for fabric scraps and hand sewing! Grab the free pattern to get started.

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Easter basket embroidery hoop with cute bunny, eggs and carrots appliquéd.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I’m excited to share this new Easter bunny embroidery hoop with you! I had so much fun creating it with felt, fabric and embroidery floss.

This is a great appliqué project and perfect for fabric scraps. I’ve been trying to use up fabric scraps from my stash, so I searched through my bins for pastel scraps. You’ll need a couple large pieces of fabric for the basket and background, but the cute eggs and carrots are perfect for small patterned scraps. 

The idea for this fun hoop actually came from a cookie! I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this adorable Easter basket cookie from @sweetjennybelle. When I saw this cookie, I thought about how cute something like this would look on an embroidery hoop. So when nap time came that day, I put off the project I was planning to work on, and started working on this Easter bunny embroidery hoop. I really had fun creating this hoop and love how sweet it turned out. 

Cute felt bunny appliquéd to the center of the embroidery hoop..

This Easter bunny hoop is a combination of appliqué and hand embroidery. I used a combination of the backstitch for the white felt bunny and the chain stitch to outline the eggs and carrot. The chain stitch was a new stitch for me but fun to learn. Below is the step-by-step tutorial, along with a free pattern so you can create your own hoop.

Easter Bunny Embroidery Hoop Art

Supplies Needed


Embroidery hoop, fabric, pattern, embroidery floss, and scissors.

Wrapping the Embroidery Hoop

Step One: Cover the hoop with fabric.

Start by wrapping your wooden hoop in the fabric you are using for the “basket”. I am using a vintage gingham seersucker I had in my stash. You can cover the hoop any way you’d like. Below you can see how I did it. This was my first time covering a hoop in fabric instead of ribbon. This may not have been the easiest way to cover the hoop, but it did the job and looked nice. If I were to do this again, I would try lining up my fabric strip with the edge of the hoop instead of centering it.

To cover the hoop, I cut a long thin piece of fabric about 3″ wide. I centered it along the inside of the outer hoop and glued it down.

A long strip of purple gingham fabric glued to the inside of a wooden embroidery hoop.

Strip of purple gingham fabric glued to the inside of a wooden hip.

Once the glue was dry, I wrapped the lower side of fabric around the hoop so both ends of the fabric were pointing up.

Gingham fabric wrapped around a wooden embroidery hoop.

I trimmed the shorter fabric on the outside of the hoop so it was even with the hoop and then glued it down. It was important to pull the fabric taut. I trimmed my fabric, then glued it, and then trimmed it again to catch any of the fabric that pulled up while I was gluing.

Fabric is trimmed along the edge of a wooden hoop.

Once the glue had dried again, I wrapped the other end of the fabric around the hoop so the raw edge was on the inside of the hoop. I glued it and held it in place with tiny clips. I should have grabbed my fabric glue, but instead used this clear tacky glue.

Clips are used to hold fabric around a wooden embroidery hoop.

Red clips hold fabric in place around an Easter embroidery hoop.

When the glue is dry, remove the clips and your hoops is covered!

Embroidery hoop covered in purple gingham fabric.

Embroidery hoop covered in purple gingham fabric.

Stretching Your Fabric

Step Two: Stretch your background fabric and basket fabric in the hoop.

Make sure your covered hoop has the inside raw edge facing up. This way, when you pull the covered hoop down over your fabrics, you won’t be going against that raw edge which may rip it up.

Embroidery hoop lays over two pieces of fabric; light blue on the top and purple gingham on the bottom.

Embroidery hoop with two fabrics stretched in it; blue on top and purple gingham on the bottom.

Step Three: Prepare the appliqué pieces.

Use the free printable pattern and fusible web or Wonder Under. Lay the fusible web, paper side up, over the printed pattern. Next, trace each appliqué shape with pencil, leaving space in between the pieces.

Bubble cut around each appliqué shape from the fusible web leaving a border around each piece.

Easter egg is traced on to fusible web with a pencil.

Iron each fusible web piece to the wrong side of the fabric.

Egg traced onto fusible web is ironed onto a piece of pink fabric.

After all of the pieces are ironed to fabric, cut them out along the pencil line.

Appliqué pieces are ironed to different colors of fabric.

Step Four:  Iron the appliqué pieces onto the hoop.

Make sure the pieces have all cooled since ironing them, then peel the paper backing off each piece and arrange them in the basket.

Appliqué pieces are arranged inside the hoop's basket.

Once you are happy with the arrangement, gently iron the design from the right side. Then turn over and iron from the back as best you can – my iron just fit!

Appliqué design is ironed.

Appliqué design is ironed from the back of the hoop.

Step Five: Time to embroider!

My favorite part! I used a chain stitch to outline all of the eggs and carrots. I watched this quick video from Wendi Gratz to learn the stitch. I went over the polka dots on my eggs with french knots. The bunny is stitched down with a small back stitch with the ears and nose stitched with a tiny chain stitch.

Easter eggs are embroidered with a chain stitch.

The eyes are two small french knots and the mouth is done with a small backstitch in grey floss.

Cute felt bunny appliquéd to the center of the embroidery hoop..

Easter embroidery hoop with a gingham fabric basket and a bunny and eggs appliquéd inside.

Cute felt bunny appliquéd to the center of the embroidery hoop..

Step Six: It’s time to finish the back of the hoop!

I cut my excess fabric down to about 1.5″ around the hoop and then used a running stitch to gather it to the back of the hoop. You can further finish the back of the hoop by gluing a piece of white felt to the back.

The back of an Easter bunny embroidery hoop.

Step Seven: Add a hanging loop.

Finish the hoop with a small hanging loop made from ribbon. Add a cute bow to the front of the embroidery hoop. The hoop is finished! 

Blue ribbon hanging loop is added to the top of the embroidery hoop.

Easter basket embroidery hoop with cute bunny, eggs and carrots appliquéd.

Easter basket embroidery hoop with a tiny felt white bunny.

I really love how this sweet hoop turned out! It’s fun to see all my fabric scraps being used and the fabrics look so cheery together. This is a fun hand sewing project you can whip up before the holiday! There is a link below to get the free pattern from my Resource Library. Along with this embroidery hoop I put up my other handmade Easter decorations. You can check out the tutorials for each below.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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