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Felt Bunny Welcome Sign

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Create this sweet felt bunny welcome sign for Easter! A fun handmade project to display for the holiday. Free pattern included. 

White felt bunny holding an orange felt carrot lays on a purple table with eggs, flowers and ribbon around it.

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Hello Crafty Friends! Today I have a fun DIY project to help get your home ready for Easter and spring! This Felt Bunny Welcome Sign is a quick and inexpensive way to decorate for the season. Felt, ribbon, embroidery floss, and the free printable pattern is all you need!  

I love hanging up spring and Easter wreaths this time of year but wanted to switch it up with something a little different. This cute bunny is so fun! You could make this using your sewing machine or hand-stitch it as I did. I used a simple running stitch and embroidery floss. Below is the tutorial!

White felt bunny sign that holds a carrot reading Welcome.

Materials Needed

  • Printable Pattern: Link located at the end of this post.
  • White felt – yardage of white felt will work better than sheets of 9×12 since the body of the bunny is 11.5″ wide.  I got a 1/2 yard of white felt and it was more than enough.
  • Felt scraps or 9″ x 12″ sheets of felt in light pink, dark pink, orange, yellow and light or dark green
  • Embroidery floss in white, pink, grey, orange, and green
  • Felt letters – I bought pre-made felt letters. You could cut your own or use Iron-On.
  • Ribbon

Felt, sticker letters, and ribbon.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Cut the pattern pieces out of felt using the free printable pattern. Once everything is cut out, you will have 13 pieces.  

Pieces of felt cut out and ready to be assembled

Step Two:  Using a running stitch and white embroidery floss to hand sew the pink inner ears on to the white ears. 

Pink felt pinned to white felt bunny ears.

White felt ears with pink felt stitched on top.

Step Three:  Pin the bunny head, feet, ears, arms, and carrot to the bunny body. Use a running stitch and hand sew around each body part. As you are doing that, connect them to the body by stitching through both layers. I started stitching around the the head and when I came to the ears and the body section I stitched through the multiple layers of felt to attach them. After the head is stitched, jump down to the feet and stitch those on. See Step Four for how to stitch the arms on.

Bunny welcome sign made from white felt is pinned together.

White felt bunny head is pinned to white felt bunny body.

Step Four:  To attach the bunny arms, make sure the larger carrot piece is pinned in place. The bunny arms should overlap the carrot slightly. Again, use a running stitch and the white embroidery floss to stitch all around the bunny arms.

The bunny hands are stitched on top of the orange felt carrot.

Step Five:  Attach the carrot, making sure to tuck the light green carrot top under the yellow and orange carrot layers. I stuck the adhesive felt letters to the front of my yellow carrot piece. If you aren’t using adhesive felt letters, you will need to stitch your letters in place. (Stitched letters will hold up longer and better than adhesive ones.) With the orange and green embroidery floss, hand sew the carrot and carrot top with a running stitch.

Orange felt carrot is stitched to the front of the carrot; the carrot has stickers on it that read Welcome.

Step Six:  Add details! With pink embroidery thread, add paw lines to the bunny’s hands and feet. Hand sew the pink nose on to the bunny head. Using the grey embroidery thread, hand sew eyes, a mouth, and whiskers.

Pink embroidery floss is used to add pay marks to the hands and feet of the felt bunny.

A cute face is embroidered on the felt bunny; a ribbon bowtie is added to his neck.

Step Seven:  Add a bow tie! Form a bow using ribbon and hand-sew the center to the bunny’s neck. I layered a green and pink ribbon to create my bow.

A ribbon bowtie is added to the felt bunny.

Step Eight:  Attach a hanging ribbon. I pinned ribbon to the tops of the bunny ears and then tested them out on my wall. I adjusted where I had them pinned so I wasn’t making the bunny head pucker out. Once I had a good placement, I hand sewed the ribbon into place. The bunny welcome sign is ready to go!!

Ribbon is attached to the top of the bunny's ears.

White felt bunny holding an orange felt carrot lays on a purple table with eggs, flowers and ribbon around it.

Spring decorations are so cheerful and bright! This little bunny is ready to welcome the spring season! This bunny along with the Easter Pillow Wreath I showed you last week are helping get our house ready. Do you decorate for spring and Easter?

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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  1. The download for the Bunny Welcome Wall Hanging won’t download & I would love to make it for my son’s new house. :(

    1. Hi! I just checked it and it is working. Once you click on the blue link it will ask you to check you’ve read the terms of use and then you can click on the bunny pattern and it will download. If it isn’t working for you, send me an email at bugaboocity@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to email you the pdf file :) Thank you!

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