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DIY The Very Hungry Caterpillar Easter Eggs

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Create Easter eggs inspired by Eric Carle and The Very Hungry Caterpillar! These collage eggs use painted tissue paper to create fun designs and patterns! A fun craft to do with kids!

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Good morning! Easter is almost here! We started getting ready for the Easter bunny by decorating our eggs this past weekend! I usually buy a kit from the store and dye them, but this year I wanted to try something different and also involve my little one. These DIY The Very Hungry Caterpillar Easter eggs were so much fun to make and very simple! I love how colorful and vibrant they turned out! I was a little apprehensive about attempting to dye eggs with a 2- year-old and these eggs solved that problem by not involving dye at all! Just tissue paper and paint!

My son helped me paint the tissue paper and loved using different materials to make patterns in the paint. When all of our tissue paper was painted, I decoupaged it onto the eggs and voila! – bright, fun, and cheerful eggs ready for Easter! The best part was my little one recognized the caterpillar and the other fun collages on the eggs and was totally into them!

The Hungry Caterpillar Easter Eggs

Supplies Needed

  • Hard boiled eggs – or use wooden eggs so you can save them!
  • White tissue paper
  • Paint (we used Crayola washable kid’s paints in classic colors)
  • Paper plates to hold the paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • Paint brushes and other pattern/distressing tools
  • Hole punch (for decorating)
  • Eric Carle inspiration! From books, toys, or online images!

Eric Carle Easter Eggs Supplies NeededEric Carle Easter Eggs Supplies Needed

Step by Step Tutorial

STEP 1: Grab inspiration from The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other Eric Carle books!

We have lots of Eric Carle things around the house so it was easy to be inspired! We used our Eric Carle flashcards as inspiration for all the different patterns. The key to getting the look is lots of layers!

Eric Carle Easter Eggs

STEP 2: Paint the tissue paper.

Paint the white tissue paper with lots of layers. You can let the paper dry in-between the layers or layer the paint wet. You can use lots of different things to create textures. I ended up using different sized paint brushes, a sponge, pencil erasers for dotting, and a toothpick for dragging through the paint. I put a piece of computer paper under my tissue paper to catch the paint bleeding through. Make sure to lift the tissue paper up after each layer so it doesn’t stick!

DIY Decorated Easter Eggs: Eric Carle Easter EggsDIY Decorated Easter Eggs: Eric Carle Easter EggsDIY Decorated Easter Eggs: Eric Carle Easter Eggs

I had a huge sheet of paper set up to lay the tissue paper sheets on in-between layers.

DIY Decorated Easter Eggs: Eric Carle Easter Eggs

My son helped by painting three sheets of tissue paper himself! He loved using the sponge.

DIY Decorated Easter Eggs: Eric Carle Easter Eggs

STEP 3: Decoupage the eggs with the painted tissue paper!

Once the painted tissue paper had dried, we tore the tissue paper into tiny pieces. I covered each egg in Mod Podge and then stuck the tissue paper randomly on the egg until it was covered. Add more Mod Podge as you go. Older kids will have a lot of fun doing this since anything goes and you don’t have to be precise. 

DIY Decorated Easter Eggs: Eric Carle Easter Eggs

If you want to get extra fancy you can make little collage pictures on the eggs just like Eric Carle does in his illustrations! For these eggs, I cut out the pieces of tissue paper and applied them the same way I did on the other eggs – except this took longer and took some patience working with such tiny pieces of tissue paper!

DIY Decorated Easter Eggs: Eric Carle Easter Eggs

STEP 4: Let your eggs dry!

I let them dry overnight and then they were ready to go!

DIY Decorated Easter Eggs: Eric Carle Easter EggsDIY Decorated Easter Eggs: Eric Carle Easter Eggs

I love the way the eggs turned out and they definitely brightened up our house yesterday -despite the gloomy rain we were having! What do you think? Fun alternative to dying eggs?

I’ll be back next Monday with a fun DIY paper project. Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Crafting! -KimShop the Supplies Used

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