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DIY Halloween Cat Banner – Free Pattern

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Learn how to create a cute Halloween cat banner using felt to decorate your home for the holiday! Grab the free SVG cut file or PDF pattern to create your own!

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Black cat banner with three black cats strung together with a purple background.

Hello Crafty Friends! This cute Halloween cat banner is a fun project to create for Halloween! I was inspired by the black cat treat bag I made my daughter a few years ago. This banner is perfect for decorating your home this Halloween season! 

This Halloween banner is made from glitter felt, HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) and embroidery floss! The glitter felt is stiff and great for banners and for adding embroidery.

I used my Cricut Explore to cut the eyes, ears and nose from Iron-On. If you don’t have a cutting machine, no worries! You can use my printable PDF pattern to make the eyes, ears and nose from colored felt, fabric or cut HTV by hand. The shapes are simple enough to cut by hand.  

Felt black cat face on a purple background.

DIY Black Cat Halloween Banner

Supplies Needed

Rolls of Iron On in pink, silver, white, black and yellow lay next to a sheet of black glitter felt, a whole punch, Baker's Twine and silver embroidery floss.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Cut out the cat faces from glitter felt. Use the pattern to trace the cat face onto a piece of black glitter felt. I was able to fit three cat faces on one sheet. Cut them out.

Cat head template is traced onto a sheet of black felt using a white pencil.

Three black felt cat heads.

Step Two: Add the eyes, ears, and nose with Iron-On. I used Cricut Iron-On in a few different colors to create the facial features of the cat. Use the free SVG cut file and cut all of the pieces, then weed.

If you are using the SVG cut file in Cricut Design Space here are a few instructions. 

  • Open the file in Cricut Design Space and change the size. I resized mine to 4.5″ tall.
  • Change the eye color to white.
  • Hide the large black cat face if you are going to cut that by hand. Or cut from paper to create a pattern. 
  • You are ready to cut the project!,
  • If you want to keep the eyes and ears spaced as in the pattern,  “Select All” then “Ungroup”. Select each color group individually and hit “Attach”.  Now you are ready to cut!

Black cat design space file.

Pieces cut from Iron on lay on a black cutting mat.

Iron the pieces to each cat face. The eyes are layered starting with white, then yellow then finally black. 

HTV pieces are added to the felt cat faces.

Step Three: Embroider the cat’s whiskers and mouth onto each cat face. Draw whiskers and a mouth on each cat with a white pencil. If you do not want to embroider the whiskers, you could use a silver Shapie or white pencil to draw them. 

Three cat face pennants lay next to a white pencil; each has whiskers and a mouth lightly drawn in.

A felt black cat head with the whiskers and mouth drawn in lightly with white pencil.

Use silver, sparkly embroidery floss to stitch the whiskers and mouth. I used a simple backstitch. 

Three felt black cat faces with whiskers and mouth embroidered with sparkly silver floss.

Step Four: String the cat faces into a banner! Use a hole punch to punch small holes on either side of the cat’s face under the ears. Use yarn, ribbon or black and white Baker’s twine to create the banner.

A hole punch and a roll of black and white Baker's Twine lays next to three black cat felt shapes.

Baker's Twine is threaded through the two holes on either side of one of the cat pennants.

Halloween banner made with three black cats.

The banner is finished!! Yay! I made mine with three cat faces but you could make your banner longer if you’d like! You can check out some of my other Halloween craft projects under my “Halloween Crafts Page” and if you love black cats check out my Halloween Black Cat Treat Bag!

Black Cat Treat Bag

Black felt cat treat bag for holding candy on Halloween.
Felt Black Cat Banner; Free Pattern and Cut File.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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