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Watermelon Hello Summer Sign

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Create a fun watermelon hello sign for summer! Perfect for hanging on your door or decorating inside your home. No need for a fancy stencil – I’ll show you how to create the wording using the pencil transfer method!
Hello Summer Watermelon Wooden Sign

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Hello Crafty Friends! With summer in full swing, it was time to update our home decor for the season! I created this watermelon hello summer sign and love its cheerful and sunny vibe! It was easy to make and is a fun alternative to a traditional wreath.

This wooden sign coordinates perfectly with my watermelon medallion banner I shared last week. I am loving all things watermelon right now – which is funny since I actually don’t like to eat watermelon! But my family loves watermelon and I love the colors, so it’s perfect for summertime crafting :)

Close up shot of Circular watermelon wooden sign with the words "Hello Summer" on it.DIY Watermelon Summer Wood Sign

Supplies Needed

A round wooden plaque and five bottles of acrylic paint including red, pink, green, black and dark green.

Assembly Tutorial

Step One: Paint the plaque.

Start by painting the entire wood plaque pink. I mixed red and pink acrylic paint together to get the right shade of “watermelon pink”. If your plaque has slats like mine, make sure to paint in between each slat.

A round wooden sign painted pink.

After the pink paint has dried, paint a layer of white around the edges. I chose to let my pink dry completely so when I applied the white, I could brush it on lightly where the two colors met and you’d see faded lines of white in the wood grain. I didn’t wait for the white to completely dry before applying the light green all around the edges of the plaque.

A round wood sign painted pink with a white and green border around it.

The last color to add is a darker green, making sure to cover the sides of the plaque with the dark green as well.

A dark green paint is added around the circular wooden sign.

Step Two: Use the pencil-transfer method to add the wording.

To create the “Hello Summer” message on the front of the plaque, I chose to print a template and use the pencil-transfer method. I could have used vinyl and my Cricut, but because of the gaps between each wood slat, I thought paint would be better. I typed my message in Photoshop and scaled it to the correct size before printing it on regular printing paper.

Piece of paper cut in a circle with the words Hello Summer written largely on it.

After your message is printed, go over the back of it with pencil lead.

The back of the paper circle is covered with pencil where the words Hello Summer are.

Lay the message onto the plaque face up, with the pencil lead touching the sign. Add a little tape to hold it in place. Trace the letters with pencil, then remove the paper. You will see a light outline of your message where the pencil lead was transferred.

Faint outlines of the words hello summer appear on the watermelon sign.

Carefully go over the transferred message with black paint and a small paintbrush.

The word hello is partially painted with black paint.

While your black paint is out, don’t forget to add watermelon seeds around the painted message.

Watermelon seeds are added with black paint around the message Hello Summer.

Black watermelon seeds surround the message Hello Summer, all painted with black acrylic paint.

Step Three: Add a cute pom-pom border!

The last step is adding pom-pom trim around the wood sign. This is completely optional, but I love how it finishes the sign. I used hot glue and started at the bottom of the sign. .

Mini black pom pom trim is added around the watermelon sign.

The watermelon sign has black pom-pom trim glued around the edges.

Step Five: Add a hanging loop!

The last step is to add a hanging loop using ribbon and hot glue.

a green ribbon hanging loop is added to the top back of the round wood sign.

A green hanging loop sticks out from the top of the watermelon sign.

The watermelon sign is finished! Use it as a summer wreath, party decor for a watermelon-themed party or on your mantle – wherever you need a little summer cheer! I hung our watermelon sign on our door but has since been relocated to our mantle while our Fourth of July wreath is hanging up. It looks great sitting on the mantle next to some green plants, and I love having summer decorations. Sometimes it’s fun to decorate for the seasons as well as the holidays! :)

Watermelon Hello Summer Sign.

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Happy Crafting! -Kim

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