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Rainbow BINGO – Free Printable Boards!

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Download these fun free printable rainbow BINGO boards and play a great game! Perfect for rainy days, Birthday parties and learning fun!

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Colorful rainbow bingo boards with colorful cereals marking the pictures!
Hello Crafty Friends! We recently celebrated both of our children’s birthdays with a fun color-themed party! Since every party needs a fun game, I created these rainbow BINGO boards.

Our whole family really enjoys BINGO and it’s a great game for all ages since younger kids are excited to play and older relatives can participate while sitting. It’s become a birthday party tradition for us to always have a themed BINGO game to play.

While we used this rainbow BINGO game for our party, it is also so much fun to play any day of the year. Perfect for cold and rainy days or a fun activity to pass the time. You definitely do not need to have a party to enjoy a game of rainbow BINGO! 

Rainbow BINGO board with colorful cereal markers.

Rainbow BINGO

There are 14 cards in this Rainbow BINGO set. Unlike normal BINGO, these boards have seven columns – one for each color of the rainbow. Each column features cute illustrations that match the color they are in. 

Rainbow-themed BINGO board free printables.

Setting up the BINGO Game

To set up the game, print the boards and calling cards and cut them all out. I like to use a paper trimmer! Next, choose something to mark the boards with that is age-appropriate for the kiddos you’re playing with.

For our BINGO games, I try to use taste-safe options to mark the cards like Cheerios. For this game, since it is all about color, we used colorful Fruit Loops cereal to mark our boards. Other marking options include stickers or crossing the pictures off with crayon. These are great for fine-motor skills but the boards will not be reusable.

Rainbow BINGO boards with fruit loop cereal markers.

How to Play Rainbow BINGO

For our party, a BINGO was any 5 in a row (vertically, horizontally or diagonally). We also played you can get a special “Rainbow BINGO” if you get all 7 colors in a row horizontally. I had a couple extra prizes for a special “Rainbow BINGO”. This was a big hit and a fun addition to regular BINGO. 

When we play this game at home, not at a party, we switch up our BINGO all the time. Here are a few more ways to we play to get a BINGO!

  • Five in a row – Five in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonal. Can use the Free Space.
  • Picture frame – Fill the outside borders of your board. Doesn’t use the Free Space.
  • Blackout – Fill the entire board. 
  • The X – Create an X using the Free Space as the center point.
  • The Plus Sign – Create a plus sign using the Free Space as a center point.
  • Four corners – Fill just the four corners. This takes some patience and doesn’t use the Free Space.
  • RAINBOW BINGO – Get 7 in a row horizontally. 

Colorful Rainbow BINGO board for kids.

More Fun BINGO Games

I love creating BINGO games! Check out my other fun BINGO boards :) 

I hope you have fun playing Rainbow BINGO if you give it a try! If you’d like to see details from our Color-Themed Party you can check out some of the decorations and fun food we had. Have a great day! :) 

Happy Crafting! -KimFree Printable Rainbow BINGO boards.

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