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Rainbow BINGO – Free Printable Boards!

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Download these fun free printable rainbow BINGO boards! Originally created to play at our color-themed birthday party, these boards are also a fun preschool learning game. 

We’re celebrating both of our children’s birthdays with a fun color-themed family party! Since every party needs a fun game, I created these rainbow BINGO boards. Our whole family really enjoys BINGO and it’s a great game for all ages since younger kids are excited to play and older relatives can participate while sitting. It’s become a birthday party tradition for us to always have an in-theme BINGO game to play.

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For this birthday party, when I asked my son what he wanted the party theme to be he told me it should be, “every color of the rainbow! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet!!”. What a perfect theme! My daughter just recently started identifying colors and my son is all about mixing colors and naming the colors in his crayon box, so this theme really couldn’t be more perfect for my little ones right now! This is also a terrific preschool learning game that you can play any day of the week. You definitely do not need to have a party to enjoy a game of rainbow BINGO!

My kids love bingo and when I couldn’t find a Rainbow Bingo I liked online, I decided to create my own. I tried to use objects they would recognize and would be great vocabulary-builders for my 2-year-old.

There are 14 cards in the set. Print them, trim them down and they are ready to be used! We plan to play it where “BINGO” is any 5 in a row, vertically or diagonal. You can also get a special “Rainbow Bingo” if you get all 7 colors in a row horizontally. I have a couple extra prizes for a “Rainbow Bingo” :)

I’ll be sharing some of the fun DIY projects I made for the color party, along with a few more free printables in the upcoming weeks. While they were created for our color party, they really can be used any time of the year. Have a great weekend!

This free Rainbow BINGO game is available to download from my Resource Library. You’ll find it under “Printables – Games & Activities!”. 


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