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Animal BINGO Game! – Printable Boards

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Play a fun game of Animal-themed BINGO! A great game for zoo and animal parties and also a fun learning activity for little ones!

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Animal BINGO boards on a green surface with calling cards and a toy zebra laying around them.

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I’m excited to share this new Animal-themed BINGO game! My family loves to play BINGO – especially when they are themed for different holidays, seasons or occasions. This past year we even found BINGO to be a fun game we could play with relatives virtually who lived far away.

This new BINGO is all about animals! It features animal illustrations I created for my animal calendar cards and ABC animal banner. This game is available as an instant digital download in my Etsy shop. The listing includes two games – one geared toward older children and one for preschoolers!

The Animal BINGO game includes 30 unique game boards and 62 animal calling cards. The name of the animal is listed on each calling card making this a great learning game. There are some very familiar animals, but also some not so familiar animals, like a numbat, umbrellabird, and quail.

Animal BINGO boards on a wooden surface with calling cards and toy animals laying around them.

The preschool version of the game includes 10 unique game boards and 24 animal calling cards. These are great for little ones because every picture that will be called is on each board. That means, each time a picture is called everyone will have something to mark on their boards! This also helps make the game a little quicker which is great for shorter attention spans. After the first BINGO is called, keep playing until each player has gotten a BINGO before clearing the boards and starting over!

Setting Up Your BINGO Game

BINGO is a quick and easy game to set up! Start by downloading the game and printing the number of boards you need. Print on regular paper or on cardstock.

Animal Bingo boards and calling card printables on a table.

Cut out the number of boards you plan on using. They print two boards per page and are numbered 1 through 30. The preschool game is labeled with letters A through J so they don’t get mixed up. Use a paper trimmer to speed up the process.

Bingo boards being cut with a paper trimmer on a table.

Next, cut out the calling cards and put them in a bowl face down. There are 62 animal calling cards and 24 for the preschool game.

Calling cards for Animal BINGO lay on a table with a white scissors.

Next, grab something players can use to mark their boards. Use buttons, mini erasers, or cereal like Cheerios to mark called animals. If you don’t mind the boards being used only once, kids can use stickers or cross them off with marker. Use whatever is age appropriate for the kids playing.

The game is ready to be played!!

Animal BINGO boards on a green surface with calling cards and a zebra around them.

Fun Ways to Play BINGO

Switch things up by playing different BINGO games. First try five-in-a-row (vertical, horizontal or diagonal using the Free Space) then try other fun variations of the game like frame (all of the outside edges), four corners (just as it sounds, all four corners), or our favorite blackout (cover the entire board). Remember if you are using the preschool version, everyone playing will get a blackout at the same time. You can try a plus sign or X too! 


An animal BINGO board on a white and giraffe print surface with calling cards and toy giraffe laying around it

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Happy Crafting! -Kim

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