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DIY Baby Shower Banner

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Create a cute DIY baby shower banner using fabric scraps and felt. Learn how to make a baby shower banner plus download a free template.

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Tiny fabric onesies hang on yarn with mini clothespins to form a baby shower banner.

Hello! Today I have a sweet craft to share with you – a baby banner! This banner is made using stiff white felt and scraps of cotton fabric. Not only is this a great way to use up your fabric scraps but this banner makes such a cute decoration for a baby shower! 

A cute fabric onesie with elephants on it hangs on a piece of yarn with mini clothespins.

Each baby bodysuit is created with a layer of felt and scrap fabric. The layers are stitched together using embroidery floss and a simple running stitch. I used yarn and glue to add a cute bow to the front of each one. After the bodysuits were all made, I attached them to a string of yarn using mini clothespins! 

Creating banners out of real baby bodysuits is really popular and would pair well with this handmade banner of mini ones. It would also be a cute decoration for a craft area at a shower where friends and family can decorate a bodysuit for the expected little one. 

Tiny fabric onesies hang on yarn with mini clothespins to form a baby shower banner.

Choosing Fabric. I created this banner using fabric scraps from my stash. Cotton prints and flannels were perfect. I kept my banner gender neutral but you could easily make this in any color scheme. If the shower has a theme you can pick coordinating prints that fit the theme. Throwing a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star shower? Choose prints with stars, moons and clouds and mix with matching solid colors. Is the shower safari themed? Search for prints with cute safari animals and mix with animal prints. The possibilities are endless making this banner easy to customize.

Try using paper instead of fabric! If you like the look of this banner, but want to skip the hand sewing, you can use the template to create the banner out of paper. Choose scrapbook paper with cute baby-themed prints. You can still add cute yarn bows to the front and hang them with mini clothespins.

How to Make a Cute Banner for a Baby Shower

Supplies Needed:

Supplies Needed for Handmade Baby Shower Banner

Step One: Download, print and cut out the bodysuit banner template from my Resource Library. Use the banner to cut out bodysuits from the stiff white felt. 

Paper template of a baby onesie lays on a cutting mat with a pink scissors next to it.

Onesie template lays on a sheet of white felt next to a pencil.

Sheets of white felt with onesies traced onto them.

White felt onesies for the Baby shower banner are cut out.

Step Two: Use each felt bodysuit to cut a layer of fabric from your scraps. Choose scraps of fabric from cotton or flannel with baby or kid themed prints or pick out fabrics that coordinate with your theme. 

Cotton fabric with cute prints.

Felt onesie lays on a piece of fabric with a pencil nearby.

Felt onesie lays next to a fabric onesie.

Step Three: Hand stitch the layer of felt and fabric together. I used a simple and small running stitch around the edges, sometimes with a contrasting embroidery floss and other times with a coordinating floss. If hand sewing is not your thing, skip this step and use fabric glue. 

Fabric onesies cut out for the baby shower banner.

Step Four: Finish each bodysuit with a cute yarn bow at the top using a dot of fabric glue. 

Cute fabric onesies for the banner lay next to yarn, tiny yarn bows and glue.

Close up picture of the elephant onesie for the banner.

Step Five: Hang the little fabric bodysuits on yarn using mini clothespins to create a banner. I love using mini clothespins when making banners. They make it easy to rearrange things and also easy to disassemble when you are done displaying the banner. You do have to be careful with the mini clothespins. I find they tend to come apart if I open them too wide and once they fall apart they can be tricky to get back together. 

Tiny fabric onesies hang on yarn with mini clothespins to form a baby shower banner.

Tiny fabric onesies hang on yarn with mini clothespins to form a baby shower banner.

The banner is finished! I love how easily it can be customized to fit any theme your baby shower may have by choosing different fabrics or papers.

Download the Free File!

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Happy Crafting! -Kim

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