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DIY Classroom Chalkboard Signs

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Create cute classroom chalkboard signs using vinyl and handmade appliqué apples and pencils. A fun personalized gift for your favorite teacher!

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DIY Classroom Chalkboard Signs.

Hello Crafty Friends! Create a cute classroom chalkboard sign for your favorite teacher using a little bit of vinyl and a few of my favorite appliqué shapes.

I love creating appliqué pennants using felt and fabric scraps. Last year I made pencils and apples for cute back-to-school-themed banners. The pennants can be used for so much more including ornaments and decorating signs like these small chalkboards. I found the chalkboards online on Amazon and stained them using Gel Stain. It was quick and easy and is currently my favorite way for staining small wooden projects. 

Once the chalkboard signs were stained, I used my Cricut Explore and a white vinyl to add text to my signs. This is where you can personalize your sign with a teacher’s name, classroom number, grade and more. You can also make a sign that is not so specific with the words “Welcome to Our Classroom”. This way the sign can move with a teacher in case they happen to switch rooms or grades.

Chalkboard signs with fabric appliquéd apples along the bottom.

My favorite part of this project, and the star of these mini chalkboards, are the appliquéd apples and pencil. Adding fabric and felt is such a great way to add dimension to wooden signs. The mixing of fabric scraps and the sweet stitching make these signs extra charming. 

I finished off my signs with one of my favorite ribbons ever – my ruler ribbon! I purchased a roll of this ribbon off Amazon a few years ago when making my Back-to-School Pillow Wreath. Since then, I have used it to make so many different projects including my pencil banner, mason jar pencil holders, and to wrap my printable teacher boxes. The roll is almost done so I think it will be time to order another one!

A fabric and felt pencil displayed on one side of a small chalkboard.

DIY Teacher Classroom Signs

Supplies Needed

Unfinished chalkboards, white vinyl, gel stain, ribbon, and appliqué shapes.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Stain the chalkboard signs using Gel Stain.

Use a paint brush to paint the gel stain on the unfinished wood then wipe it off with a paper towel. You can repeat this more than one to deepen the stain. Check out my tutorial for staining embroidery hoops for more information on using gel stains. I chose to use Oak but the set of gel stains I used also came with Walnut and Maple.

Two chalkboards stained with gel stain.

Step Two: Add text to the chalkboard sign using white vinyl.

Cut text from white vinyl using a cutting machine. I used my Cricut Explore and images I edited from Design Space. You can use the files I made in Design Space. For the personalized board with the teacher’s name you will need the system font KB Blank Space Solid or you can switch to another font.

Cricut Explore cutting white vinyl.

Weed the vinyl text and use Transfer Tape to apply it to the chalkboard.

Two white vinyl images weeded on a black cutting mat.

Transfer tape applied to the vinyl image with a small scaper.

The vinyl image on transfer tape with the backing removed.

A small scraper helps adhere the white vinyl message to a small chalkboard.

Chalkboard with white vinyl that reads "Welcome to our Classroom".

Step Three: Decorate with fabric appliqué pieces.

My favorite part! Use the appliqué pieces you made using fabric scraps and felt and decorate the signs. I used hot glue to attach the my appliqué pieces.

A hot glue gun used to add felt and fabric apples to the bottom of the chalkboard.

Step Four: Add a hanging loop and bow!

Add a hanging loop and a bow using ribbon and hot glue. My ruler ribbon was perfect for these chalkboard signs!

Ribbon printed like a ruler is used to add a bow and hanging loop,

A cute bow made from ribbon that looks like a ruler at the top corner of the chalkboard sign.

The chalkboard signs are complete!! These would make sweet gifts for a teacher at the beginning of the school year, the holidays, Teacher Appreciation Week or as an end of the year parting gift. If you are looking for more school-themed projects, check out my School Crafts Page!

Chalkboard sign reads Mrs. Gill, 3rd grade room 203; a fabric pencil decorates the side.

DIY Classroom Chalkboard Signs.

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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