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DIY Scrappy Fabric Pencil Banner

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Learn how to make a sweet fabric pencil banner using felt and fabric scraps! This banner is a fun way to decorate for back-to-school and is perfect for learning spaces. 

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Pencil banner made from fabric scraps and felt.

Hello Crafty Friends! With back-to-school around the corner I wanted to share this cute fabric pencil banner I created with fabric scraps! Making these scrappy banners is one of my favorite ways to decorate for different seasons, holidays and special events. They are fun to make, great for using up fabric scraps, and they use simple embroidery stitches. 

These pencil pennants are so sweet! They are made using scraps of yellow, gray, pink and black fabrics. I used a tan stiffened felt as a backer for each pennant. Finding the tan felt meant I didn’t need to use tan fabric. The stiffened felt also makes the pennants easy to embroider and gives them a nice weight.

Pencil pennant with a cute bow made from ruler ribbon.

Each pencil pennant is attached to a length of twine using mini clothespins. Using clothespins to hang your banners makes it really easy to move the pennants around and hang them. Storing the banners is also really simple, just unclip them and store them until you are ready to use them again.

I embroidered each pencil pennant with a simple backstitch and finished it with a cute bow made from ruler ribbon. I absolutely love this ruler ribbon. I bought a large roll to make my Back-to-School Pillow Wreath a few years ago and I’ve been using the leftover ribbon on tiny projects ever since. It is perfect for these little pencils!

Pencil pennant with a cute bow made from ruler ribbon.

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How to Make a Fabric Pencil Benner

Supplies Needed:

Supplies including felt, fabric, embroidery floss, scissors, pencil and template.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step One: Cut the pieces for the banner.

Download the template from my shop. Cut the tan pencil from the template and use it to trace five pencils on the stiffened tan felt. You can fit four pencils on each piece of tan felt.

Pencil template lays on a piece of tan felt.

Four pencil pieces are cut out of tan felt.

Use the rest of the template to cut the appliqué pieces. Lay a sheet of fusible interfacing, paper side up, over the template and trace the remaining pieces. Repeat for each pennant you plan to include in your banner. I included five pencils in mine. 

Piece of fusible interfacing lays over pattern and is traced with pencil.

Pattern traced repeatedly on a piece of fusible interfacing.

Pattern pieces cut from fusible interfacing laying in piles of similar pieces.

Iron the interfacing pieces to the wrong side of the fabric scraps. Then cut around the pattern pieces along the pattern lines.

Interfacing pieces ironed to fabric scraps.

Pieces of fabric for the pencil banner grouped together and laid out.

Step Two: Appliqué the fabric onto the felt pencils to create the pennants.

Peel back the paper backing on the the fusible web interfacing and iron the fabric pieces onto a felt pencil. I took some time before ironing to mix and match the fabrics and plan out my pencils. * Tip: Iron the yellow pieces of fabric together first. 

Five pencil pennants laid out with fabric adhered.

If the fabric and felt do not line up exactly, trim away any excess so they are even.

Felt is trimmed away along the side of the pennant.

Five pencil pennants laid out with fabric adhered.

Step Three: Embroider the pencil pennants with embroidery floss. 

Use simple embroidery stitches like the running stitch or backstitch to embroider the pencils. I used a ruler and pencil to lightly draw a stitch lines I could follow. My lines were 1/8″ from the edges of the pencil. This really helped to keep me on track. You can get creative and add whatever embroidery lines you’d like. I like to be consistent, so whatever lines I decide to do on my first pennant, I repeat on all of them.

Pencil pennant embroidered with coordinating floss colors.

Step Four: Add a cute bow to the front of the pencil pennants. 

I added a bow using ruler ribbon and stitched it on with thread.

A bow made from ruler-themed ribbon is sewn on to the center of the pencil pennant with thread.

The pencil pennants are complete! The tutorial that comes with the pencil template will show you how to back your pencils in case the backs will be visible.

Five pencil pennants made from fabric and embroidered.

Step Five: String the pennants together using twine and mini clothespins!

Pencil pennants lay next to twine and a package of small clothespins.

Fabric pencil pennants hang from a piece of twine with clothespins.

Pencil banner made from fabric scraps and felt.

I hope you enjoyed this cute banner tutorial for back-to-school! If you are interested in other school-themed crafts, be sure to check out my School Craft Page for more ideas. 

How to Download the Pencil Template

The pencil template is now available in my shop along with a detailed picture tutorial (ad-free!). This pattern was originally offered as a limited-time freebie before moving into my shop. Thank you for supporting my small business!

Purchase this file from my shop! Thank you for supporting my small business :)

Happy Crafting! -Kim


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