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Paper Purse Card

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Create a sweet paper purse card to celebrate Mother’s Day or a special birthday! These cards would also make cute invitations. Grab your favorite scrapbook paper and the free printable pattern or SVG cut file and get started!

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Two pastel paper purse cards on a wooden background.

Hello Crafty Friends! With Mother’s Day right around the corner, these paper purse cards are a beautiful DIY. I must be in the mood to make purses! After making my paper purse treat boxes, I found myself making these paper purse cards!

They were easy to whip together and are perfect for showcasing gorgeous papers. I have been working my way through the paper stack, Copper Luxury. I love all of the floral papers mixed with copper patterns – they were perfect for this project!

These paper purse cards are incredibly versatile and would work with any pattern or color of paper. I recommend choosing three different papers that complement each other; one for the purse, one for the purse hardware and one for the bow :)

I’m sharing the free PDF pattern as well as the SVG cut file so you can make them too! If you use the SVG cut file, you’ll notice a quilted pattern layer that can be used with your scoring tool. This isn’t necessary, but it adds a nice texture to the paper. The card is held closed with a small Velcro dot, making it easy to open and close. Below is the tutorial and the free patterns!

Green paper purse card with a floral bow on the front.

Mother's Day purse card opened up to show the sentiment Happy Mother's Day.

I recently re-made this purse card for the holidays and included a gift card holder in the inside of the card! Check out that project here, Paper Purse Gift Card Holder.

Two holiday purse gift card holders with cute paper bows lay on a table. 

DIY Paper Purse Card

Supplies Needed:

A paperstack called Copper Luxury sits next to a paper trimmer and Velcro dots.

Preparing the File in Cricut Design Space

In Cricut Design Space, upload the file and insert it into a new project. The SVG includes score lines in bright pink. If you are using a cutting machine that is not capable of scoring, delete these layers. If you would like to use the scoring layers you will need to attach them to the correct pieces. 

Start by ungrouping the entire project.

Purse Card file in Cricut Design Space.

Select all of the score lines and change the operation from “basic cut” to “score”. The lines will change from pink lines to dashed lines. 

Purse Card file in Cricut Design Space.

Next, attach each score line to the purse pieces they are positioned on top of. You can do this by selecting the score line and the purse piece and using the “attach” tool located in the bottom right. 

Purse Card file in Cricut Design Space.

You are ready to cut the file! Double-check your mat to make sure the score lines are attached to the two main purse pieces. The dashed lines will appear on top of the pieces and “score” will be listed on the left. Don’t forget to insert your scoring tool. 

Purse Card file in Cricut Design Space.

Assembly Tutorial

Step One: Cut all the pieces.

Cut out all of the pieces using the free cut file or pattern. If cutting by hand, use a craft knife and self-healing cutting mat to cut out the handle on each purse piece. Follow the template to add the score line on the main purse body. The diagonal score lines are decorative so it is optional to add them.

Paper pieces to make a paper purse laying on a white surface.

Step Two: Create the bottom of the purse.

Fold up the bottom of the large purse piece along the score line. Attach the two half circles to the bottom corners of the purse. First, fold them in half and then apply with a glue stick or tape runner.

A paper purse card laying on top of a scoring board with a stylus next to it.

Step Three: Create the lid of the purse.

Attach the purse handle and latch pieces to the top of the purse. Fold along the bottom of the handle.

The top of the paper purse card with a tape runner next to it.

Step Four: Create the paper bow.

First take the large bow piece and bring the ends to the center and tape in place. I cut my tape into a 1/4″ wide piece and wrapped it around the center of the bow.

Paper purse bow laying on a white surface with a red tape runner next to it.

Cover this with the thin rectangle piece. I used a piece of tape on the back to attach it.

Paper pieces that create a paper bow laying on a white surface.

Add the two bow ends underneath with glue or tape.

Paper purse bow laying on a white surface with a red tape runner next to it.

Adhere the bow to the front of the paper purse, centered on the purse latch.

The top flap for the paper purse card with a small paper bow attached to it.

Step Five: Attach the lid to the bottom of the purse.

Apply glue to the handle of the lid and attach that to the handle of the purse bottom. 

Green paper purse card with a floral bow on the front.

Step Six: Add a Velcro Closure.

First, attach the soft dot to the underside of the purse latch. Stick the rough dot to the soft dot and then carefully close the purse card and the rough dot will be in the correct place. In these tutorial pictures I am using a 5/8″ circle. I have since switched to using 3/8″ clear fasteners by Velcro brand as I find they are more gentle on the paper.
Velcro fastener applied under the cover of the card.

These paper purse cards are so cute! You can write a message inside and use it as a card, tape a gift card inside and use it as a gift card holder, or even include party details inside and use it as an invitation! I’ll be using these as sweet Mother’s Day cards this year!

Two paper purse cards with paper bows on a white backdrop.

In the picture below, you can see the quilted pattern I added with the scoring tool on my paper cutter.

Pink paper purse card with a floral bow on the front.

Two pastel paper purse cards on a wooden background.

I have a few more Mother’s Day crafts to share with you over the next couple weeks, so I’ll be back soon! :)

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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