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Paper Purse DIY Gift Card Holder

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Create a DIY gift card holder in the shape of a sweet paper purse! A fun craft to use with your Cricut and a perfect gift for someone special this holiday season! 

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12 Days of Holiday Crafts by Crafting CheerfullyTwo holiday purse gift card holders with cute paper bows lay on a table.

Gift cards make great presents for the holidays, especially when you aren’t exactly sure what to get someone. They are a bit more personalized than money and they also allow the recipient the flexibility to choose exactly what they want. This year, take your gift card-giving up a notch with a handmade gift card holder! These paper purse gift card holders are so sweet! They instantly make a gift card feel fancier and add a cute handmade touch. 

I made my purse gift card holders with holiday paper from collection Jingle All The Way by Echo Park Paper Company. I love how the floral paper goes so well with the bows. When making these purses, I usually try to pick a patterned paper and then two coordinating solid papers. These gift card holders can be made with a huge variety of papers for different occasions beyond just Christmas.

The SVG cut file comes with notches in the back of the purse to hold a gift card inside.

Paper purse gift card holder is opened to show a Starbucks gift card.

Christmas Gift Card Holder

Supplies Needed:

Decorative holiday paper lays next to glue and double sided tape.

Cutting the Card

The first step is to download the file and upload it to your cutting machine software. The file comes with a scoring line so you will need to attach it to the purse. If your machine does not have a scoring option, you can delete the layer and score the card by hand. 

In Cricut Design Space: Upload the file to a new project. “Select All” and “Ungroup”. Ungroup the file until all layers are separate. Highlight the bright pink scoring line and change it from cut to score. Select the scoring line and the large purse piece so both are highlighted and select “Attach”. When you go to cut the file, the scoring line should show up as a dashed line on top of the purse piece. Design Space will also list “scoring stylus” for tools needed.

Cut the gift card holder from your paper.

Pieces for the paper purse gift card holder pieces lay on a table.

Fold the large piece along its score line, fold the small corners in half, and fold the handle.

Pieces of the paper purse are folded along their score lines.

Assemble the Card

Step One: Adhere the purse decorations. Attach the two half circles to the bottom corners of the purse using glue.

Paper purse is folded.

Glue the handle and latch piece to the purse flap.

The top of the paper purse gift card holder.

Create the Cute Paper Bow

First, take the large bow piece and bring the ends to the center and tape in place. I used 1/4″ double-side Scor-tape.

Red paper bow lays on a table next to a roll of double-sided tape.

Cover the center of the bow with the thin rectangle piece and tape into place.

Red paper bow lays on a table.

Add the two bow ends underneath with glue or tape. Adhere the bow to the front of the paper purse, centered on the purse latch.

The top of the paper purse gift holder with the red bow attached to the front.

Finish Assembling the Purse

Adhere the lid of the purse to the bottom of the purse using glue. Apply glue to the handle of the lid and attach that to the handle of the purse bottom. 

Paper purse partially assembled.

Add the Velcro fastener closure. First, attach the soft dot to the underside of the purse latch. Stick the rough dot to the soft dot and then carefully close the purse card and the rough dot will be in the correct place. Hold for a little bit and then carefully open the card.

A Velcro adhesive dot is used to keep the paper purse closed.

These paper purses are so cute!

Paper purse gift card holder in holiday decorative paper.

The tabs inside are perfect for holding a gift card. I had a Starbucks gift card at home I used for these pictures, but a spa gift card or gift card to someone’s favorite clothing store would be perfect for these purses!

Paper purse gift card holder is opened to show a Starbucks gift card.

Two holiday purse gift card holders with cute paper bows lay on a table.

I hope you enjoy this fun way to dress up a gift card with a little handmade touch! I love making paper purses! Be sure to check out my paper purse treat boxes for another cute gift idea. They are the perfect size for two nail polish bottles :)

Happy Crafting! -Kim

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  1. love these – question though- when you adhere the lid to the bottom by gluing the handle on it;s open at the top between the handles where the glued on handle piece meets the bottom right ? trying to figure out how your pattern is so perfect on yours on the inside. I glued a thin strip of the outside pattern inside the length of the purse over that area so it’s more like one piece, it folds in the middle. Did I do something wrong ? Did I explain my question ? I wish I could attach a picture. In your pictures it;s the one of the inside of the purse with the starbucks card near the end , right above the card where the pieces meet. Thank you!

    1. Hi! Thank you for the message! First off, feel free to email me anytime with pictures if that is helpful! kimberly@craftingcheerfully.com! Hopefully I can help answer your question! When I attached the top flap of the purse to the back of the card, I only used adhesive on the purse handle, so there are gaps along the top of the card. The pattern on the inside of my card lining up so well is really just a happy accident. When I make this card, I usually try to use cardstock with a solid-colored backing so the inside always looks nice and I don’t have to worry about patterns lining up. I hope that helps a little bit! Please reach out again if you still have questions! :)

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